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Do Porcupines throw their Quills?

Porcupines do not throw their quills as it has sometimes been claimed. When danger threatens, porcupines defend themselves by raising quills...

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Do Porcupines throw their Quills Porcupines are small forest animals famous for their bristling armor of sharp quills, which are long, stiff hairs. When danger threatens, the porcupine defends itself by raising its quills and charging backward, stabbing a dozen or so of those needle-sharp quills deep into its attacker's flesh. The quills make painful wounds, and are difficult to pull out because they have small barbs at their tips. The violent lashing of its quilled tail as it defends itself loosens the lightly-attached quills. But the porcupine doesn't "throw" its quills as has sometimes been claimed.

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