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What do you know about Pakistan?

Geography and Earth: Pakistan is a republic of Asia, Capital, Islamabad; Pakistan was created an independent state in 1947...

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What do you know about Pakistan Pakistan is a republic of Asia, occupying the north-western corner of the Indian sub-continent. Capital, Islamabad; area about 803 940 sq km (310 400 sq miles).

Pakistan was created an independent state in 1947 from the predominantly Muslim regions of the former Indian Empire.

It consisted of two parts, West and East Pakistan, separated by 1450 km (900miles) of India. The constitution was suspended in 1956 and in 1962 a presidential type of government came into force.

In 1971 the eastern province withdrew from the alliance and, after a bitter war involving India, became the independent state of Bangladesh.

Pakistan left the Commonwealth of Nations in 1972 and after a period of civilian rule the army assumed control of the country in 1978.

Pakistan has a varied landscape. There are mountains, plains, swamps and deserts, but it is predominantly a dry region. The River Indus which crosses the country is life-line providing water for the towns, irrigation for crops and also some hydro-electric power.

Pakistani People are of mixed descent, but there are several distinct groups. The largest is the Punjabi's (60 per cent). Another important group is the Sindhi's (13 per cent). Urdu is the official language but English is used in business and government.

Pakistan has deposits of natural gas, and some coal, iron ore and other minerals. Most of the people are occupied in farming and the main crops are wheat, cotton, maize, sugar cane and rice. There are some industries including textiles, food processing and chemicals.

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