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Putting Bragging into Perspective

Telling Lies

Stopping Bad Words from the Mouths of Children

Best way to Nurture Patience amongst Children

Responding to a Child's Question?

Teach them to take Independent Decisions?

Teach Children to be Patient

Learning to Share

Refereeing Children's Quarrels.

Why so much Home Work?

Fathers have a Vital role to Play too!

Parent Teacher Meetings

Dispel Fear of the Dark

Little Tasks for Little Ones

Make Transfer a Pleasant Experience

Childish Dreams

How can a Parent play a fruitful role, in a Child’s Education?

To Win or to Lose!

Promoting Talents

Precocious Children

Better Parent

What Divorce does to Children?

Why Kids Cheat?

Going along with your Teachers

Victims of Bullies

Signs of School Stress

Eco Friendly Children

What's Adoption? How does it work?

Dog Keeping

Why do Kids need to be Adopted?

Home Schooling

After you Finish your Homework

School Counselors

Lunchtime Meal

Breakfast-skipping kids likely to be fat

Have you ever lost your temper? Did you yell and scream or want to hit someone?

Six Steps to Smarter Studying

What it means when Parents Fight

Money Problems


Your Handwriting

Be A Fit Kid

Gift Giving

Back To School

A Little Lonely



When should Kids use Deodarant

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Mosquito Bites

The Other Lot

Communication: say it right

Moment a child is born, the mother is also born

Mothers' talk is key to kids' social skills

Why am i Left Handed?

Girls who play Sports get a lot more than Fitness

Why is Washing Hands so important after going to the Bathroom?

Five Steps to Prevent Sports Injuries

Children and Medicines

How to impress others

Big Test at School

What do your kids eat at school for lunch?

Are Carbonated Soft Drinks Harmless Treats or Dietary Disasters?

Triangular Crayons - For Better Writing

Something to do all Summer

Summer Camp

Best Ways to Beat the Heat

Do You See A Rebel In Your Child?

Planning for School

PVC-free school supplies shopping

Steps to take to protect your child from abusive restraint or seclusion in schools

How to pack a healthy lunchbox

Thanksgiving holiday road trip ideas for kids

Tip-Top Tips for a Green Christmas

The Importance of Play

What went wrong when children stop sharing their problems?

Learning Tips for Students

Children and Scrabble: The Perfect Match

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Funky Stories

Old Tiger and Greedy Traveler

Blind Vulture

Elephant and the Jackal

Birds and Shivering Monkeys

Rabbits and the Elephants

Sages Daughter

Beware of Mean Friends

Jackal and the Arrow

Washer Man's Donkey and a Dog

Monkey and the Bell

Ass without Brains

Bird with Two Heads

Blue Jackal

Brahman's Gift

Crows and the Serpent

Foolish Lion And Clever Rabbit

The Girl who Married a Snake

Gold Coin and Serpent

Crane and the Crab

Lion that Sprang to Life

Little Mice and Big Elephants

Mice that Ate Iron

Almighty Shani Maharaj

Mongoose and the Brahman’s Wife

Snow White

Singing Donkey

Brahmin’s Dream

Sparrow and the Elephant

Talkative Tortoise

Two Headed Weaver

Hunter and the Doves

Elephant and the Dog

Monkey and the Crocodile

Hawks and their Friends

Jackal who saved Lion

Merchant of Seri

Power of Rumor

Golden Swan

Wind and the Moon

Sandy Road

Kubera’s Feast

Boasting Crow

Cunning Wolf

Unwise Monkey


Physician’s Revenge

Less Educated

Pearl Shooter

Clever Lioness

Tina's Cookie Box

Judgment Day

One Paisa

Two Sister’s

Ajaat Shatru

The Brahman who had Seven Daughters

The Farmer and the Money Lender


Ramayana – I (Early life of Rama)

Ramayna – II (Rama’s exile)

Ramayana – III (Abduction of Sita)

Ramayana – IV (Slaying of Ravana)

Ramayana – V (Rama’s coronation)

Dutiful Son - (Rama)

Krishna Janamastami

Durga Puja

Mahabharata - Part I (The origin)

Mahabharata - Part II (The conspiracy)

Mahabharata - Part III (Pandavas marriage and return to hastinapur)

Mahabharata - Part IV (Arjuna’s exile for twelve years)

Mahabharata - Part V (Rajasuya yajna of yudhishthira)

Mahabharata - Part VI (The gamble)

Mahabharata - Part VII (Arjuna’s quest for weapons)

Mahabharata - Part VIII (Duryodhana’s apology)

Mahabharata - Part IX (Pandava’s thirteenth year of exile incognito)

Mahabharata - Part X (Declaration of war)

Mahabharata - Part XI (war begins)

Mahabharata - Part XII (after the war)

Brave Saivanthi Bai


Beauty and the Beast

Hansel and Gretel

Three Little Pigs


Jack and the Beanstalk

Little Red Riding Hood


Tom Thumb

The Elves and the Shoemaker

The Frog Prince

Emperor's New Clothes

The Pied Piper

The Little Tin Soldier

The Ugly Duckling

The Jackal and the Otters

The Brave Quail

The Royal Elephant

The Greedy Forester

Sidha and his Donkey

The Lioness and the Jackal Cub

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats

Goody Santa Claus

Legend of the Christmas Stocking

Stories From The Old Testament: Gods Wonderful World

Stories From The Old Testament: Noah and the Great Flood

Stories From The Old Testament: The Story of Abraham

Stories From The Old Testament: The story of Isaac and Rebekah

Stories From The Old Testament: The Baby in the Basket

Stories From The Old Testament: God calls Moses

Stories From The Old Testament: God Frees his People

Stories From The Old Testament: God Guides his People

Stories From The Old Testament: Moses and the Twelve Spies

Stories From The Old Testament: Brave Queen Esther

Stories From The New Testament: Jesus is Born

Stories From The New Testament: Three Wise Men

Stories From The New Testament: Jesus in the Temple

Stories From The New Testament: John the Baptist

Stories From The New Testament: Jesus calls his Helpers

Stories From The New Testament: The man from the Roof!

Stories From The New Testament: Five Loaves and Two Fishes

Stories From The New Testament: Zaccheus the Tax Collector

Stories From The New Testament: The story of Lazarus

Stories From The New Testament: The Last Supper

Stories From The New Testament: The Very Good News!

Stories From The New Testament: The Revelation of Jesus Christ-The New Heaven and The New Earth

King Vikramaditya I

King Vikramaditya II

King Vikramaditya III

King Vikramaditya IV

King Vikramaditya V

King Vikramaditya VI

King Vikramaditya VII

King Vikramaditya VIII

King Vikramaditya IX

King Vikramaditya X

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Turn it Over

Monkey and the Bananas

Primary Dominoes

Call the Numbers

Up and Down

Stop and Go Cards

Beads on a String

Cover Up

Sets and Numerals


Off to the Races

Hot Potato

Red Light

Circle Tag

Paper Relay

Zoo Parade

Chicken Hop

Teacher Ball

Potato Race

Call Ball

Animal Crackers

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Optical Illusion

Visually Perceived Image: Mountain Landscape

Visually Perceived Image: Pieces for Cube

Visually Perceived Image: Eggnog

Visually Perceived Image: Lollipops and Candy Factory

Visually Perceived Image: Painted Snowboard

Visually Perceived Image: Headline

Visually Perceived Image: Zebra Stripes

Visually Perceived Image: Meat and Skewers

Visually Perceived Image: Sequence of Numbers

Visually Perceived Image: Liquids Density

Visually Perceived Image: Number Series

Visually Perceived Image: Imprint by Stamp

Visually Perceived Image: Cube Layout

Visually Perceived Image: Tennis Term

Visually Perceived Image: Completing Block

Visually Perceived Image: Identical Cubes

Visually Perceived Image: Unfolded Cube

Visually Perceived Image: Ribbon

Visually Perceived Image: Pairs of Skis

Visually Perceived Image: Eggs and Ski Lift

Visually Perceived Image: Snowboard

Visually Perceived Image: Old Time Print

Visually Perceived Image: Marriage

Visually Perceived Image: Girl and Grandmother

Visually Perceived Image: Postage Stamp

Visually Perceived Image: Clowns Drum

Visually Perceived Image: Stare at Dot

Visually Perceived Image: Eaten Apple

Visually Perceived Image: Landscape Print

Visually Perceived Image: Color of Circle

Visually Perceived Image: Bee and Flower

Visually Perceived Image: Pile of Disks

Visually Perceived Image: Imagination

Visually Perceived Image: Secret Word

Visually Perceived Image: Coil

Visually Perceived Image: Serving of Bread

Visually Perceived Image: Buttons on Body of Snowman

Visually Perceived Image: Strange Picture

Visually Perceived Image: Berries on Holly

Visually Perceived Image: Baby and Mother

Visually Perceived Image: Numbers or Letters

Visually Perceived Image: Soldier pointing Finger

Visually Perceived Image: Three different Cakes

Visually Perceived Image: Slice of Cake

Visually Perceived Image: Sign

Visually Perceived Image: Coat of Arms

Visually Perceived Image: Spoonful of Medicine

Visually Perceived Image: Glasses or Vases

Visually Perceived Image: Wrapping

Visually Perceived Image: Blocks

Visually Perceived Image: Flight of Stairs

Visually Perceived Image: Arrow

Visually Perceived Image: Painted Stripes

Visually Perceived Image: Masks

Visually Perceived Image: Hawk or Goose

Visually Perceived Image: Flags

Visually Perceived Image: Shapes

Visually Perceived Image: Pair of Shorts

Visually Perceived Image: Picture

Visually Perceived Image: Colored Chairs

Visually Perceived Image: Middle of Frame

Visually Perceived Image: Different Fabrics

Visually Perceived Image: Figure

Visually Perceived Image: Numbers

Visually Perceived Image: Poster

Visually Perceived Image: Object

Visually Perceived Image: Magician Horace Goldin

Visually Perceived Image: Design

Visually Perceived Image: Stare

Visually Perceived Image: Set of Medals

Visually Perceived Image: Cubes

Visually Perceived Image: Victorian Puzzle

Visually Perceived Image: Hooded Monk

Visually Perceived Image: Hidden Message

Visually Perceived Image: Wings of Ladybug

Visually Perceived Image: Clowns in Circus

Visually Perceived Image: Design of Frieze

Visually Perceived Image: Wheels

Visually Perceived Image: Odd One Out

Visually Perceived Image: Letters in Mirror

Visually Perceived Image: Dots in Frame

Visually Perceived Image: Stamps

Visually Perceived Image: Fantasy Faces

Visually Perceived Image: Life and Death

Visually Perceived Image: Small Tile

Visually Perceived Image: Pig or Farmer

Visually Perceived Image: Marathon Runner

Visually Perceived Image: Steps

Visually Perceived Image: Sailboat

Visually Perceived Image: Letters of Alphabet

Visually Perceived Image: Arrows

Visually Perceived Image: Napoleon in Hiding

Visually Perceived Image: Ice Cream Flavors

Visually Perceived Image: Playing Card

Visually Perceived Image: Fourth Basket

Visually Perceived Image: Real Price Dice

Visually Perceived Image: Farmer

Visually Perceived Image: Cakes

Visually Perceived Image: Ladybugs

Visually Perceived Image: Sailors Telescope

Visually Perceived Image: Old Sketch

Visually Perceived Image: Circle

Visually Perceived Image: Unusual Sentence

Visually Perceived Image: Soldiers Horse

Visually Perceived Image: Question Mark

Visually Perceived Image: British Colonial Patriotic Design

Visually Perceived Image: Light Bulbs

Visually Perceived Image: Napoleon

Visually Perceived Image: Upside Down Year

Visually Perceived Image: Words in Hat

Visually Perceived Image: Numbers

Visually Perceived Image: Numbers on Keypad

Visually Perceived Image: Chalk Line Formula

Visually Perceived Image: Illustration of Crate

Visually Perceived Image: Medal

Visually Perceived Image: Number of F

Visually Perceived Image: Faces

Visually Perceived Image: Bell-Bottoms

Visually Perceived Image: Observe this Cow

Visually Perceived Image: Read this Secret Message

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Tell Me Why

What is Show Jumping?

Why does a Robin Cock its Head to Listen?

What makes a Diamond sparkle?

When was Pizza First made?

Why do we sometimes see a Ring around the Moon?

Why are Rainbows curved?

Which Ink is used in Erasable Pens?

How do Fingernails grow?

How does a Light Bulb work?

What is Pencil Lead made of?

Why can you sometimes see the Moon during Daytime?

How do I see Myself in a Mirror?

How can a Helicopter go straight up?

Does everyone have a Blind Spot?

Why do Stars twinkle?

How does a Chicken hatch from an Egg?

How much do Birds eat?

How are Street Lights turned on?

How were the Planets named?

How does a Cut Heal?

How does an Electric Iron work?

What does the Government do with old Money?

Why does the Fire Smoke?

When I see a Rainbow, can People see the other side?

What were the First Magnets?

What kind of Noise does Kangaroo make?

Why do Pigs Wallow in Mud?

Why do Sidewalks have Cracks?

How can Cats See in the Dark?

What causes Frost?

Why does a Blimp rise?

How does Water get into Coconuts?

Why do Birds Migrate?

When were Potato Chips Invented?

Are the North and South Poles exactly alike?

Why does the Cowbird lay its Eggs in the Nests of other Birds?

How did the Guinea Pig get its Name?

How does Broken Bone Heal itself?

Where does Gelatin come from?

How does an X-Ray take a Picture of a Person's insides?

How do Homing Pigeons find Home?

Does a Lost Balloon rise forever?

What is the Origin of the Horse?

How did the Hippopotamus get its name?

Is Pony a Baby Horse?

Does Moss grow only on the North side of Trees?

Can you tell a Turtle's Age by its Shell?

Why do Mosquitoes Bite?

How did we get our Letter 'Z' and why is it the last Letter in the Alphabet?

When were Forks first used for Eating?

When was Ice Cream Invented?

When did Comic Strips Start?

When were Basketball Backboards First used?

How does a Photocopier work?

How are Peanuts Salted inside the Shell?

How is Paper Recycled?

What is the Statue of Liberty's real name?

What makes Hair Curly?

What are Cultured Pearls?

How did Planet Earth get its name?

Why are some Roads called Highways?

What is a Sonic Boom?

Who thought of putting an Eraser on a Pencil?

What causes People to Faint?

Why do some People have Blue Eyes and others have Brown?

Who Discovered Popcorn?

What is Weed?

Why do Dogs Wag their Tails?

How did the Tulip get its name?

How does a Fly eat?

Where did Cabbage come from?

How does a Butterfly fly?

Which Bird Migrates the Longest Distance?

How did the Element Mercury get its name?

Who Invented Roller Skates?

Where does Electricity come from?

How many Bones do I have in my Body?

Where does Dew come from?

How are Pencils made?

What is Dry Ice?

What makes Bread get Moldy?

What is a Shooting Star?

Why do People get Wrinkles?

What makes Popcorn Pop?

Where did the word Bonfire come from?

How does a Fluorescent Lamp work?

How does a Ship Float?

What is the International Date Line?

Where is the Deepest Part of the Ocean?

How does an Electric Refrigerator work?

How is Maple Syrup made?

Why does an Octopus Squirt Ink?

How do my Bones grow?

How do we Grow?

How do Eye Glasses correct our Vision?

Which is the Biggest Fish?

How does a Candle burn?

Why do we put a Spoon in a Glass before pouring in Hot Water?

How does a Microscope work?

Why is New York City called the Big Apple?

What is the purpose of Wax in our Ears?

Why do we Blink our Eyes?

How does a Flashlight Cell work?

What is meant by Wind Chill?

How can Fish Breathe in Water?

What are the Earth's Magnetic Poles?

How does a Telescope work?

How do you See?

Where does the Sun get its Energy from?

Why do I sometimes get a Shock when I touch a Doorknob?

What is Mistletoe? How does it grow?

When was the First Bicycle built?

Why are Dalmatians called Fire Dogs?

How did the name Uncle Sam originated?

Why can't we see Stars in the Daytime?

How does my Nose Smell things?

Why are some Stars brighter than others?

How do Peanuts grow?

How can Birds Perch on Electric Wires without getting Shocked?

Can you hear the Sea in a Seashell?

Do Fish have Ears?

How does my Voice carry over the Telephone?

What are the Whiskers for on an Animal's Face?

What is a Tornado?

How does a Camera take Pictures?

How does a Vacuum Bottle work?

What is Heat Lightning?

How does a Magnifying Glass make things Look Bigger?

What is the Origin of the Umbrella?

Why have the Eggs of Birds so many Colors?

What is the Aurora Borealis and what causes it?

Why are Shetland Ponies so Small?

What causes Blisters?

What is the Largest Denomination of US Money Printed?

Is the Bald Eagle really Bald?

What do Poisonous Snakes use their Poison for?

How does a Caterpillar become a Butterfly?

How does a Ballpoint Pen work?

How are Wax Crayons made?

Why do you Shiver on a Cold Day?

When were Ice Cream Sundaes Invented?

How do Safety Matches Light?

Why does it get Colder as you go Higher?

What makes a Plant Bend toward Light?

How do Marshmallows get their name?

What is Frog Day?

Can Rattle Snakes be eaten?

What do you mean by Stone Soup?

Can Flowers be eaten?

Do People eat Sea Weed?

What is Sushi?

What do you mean by Bird's Nest Soup?

What did Tartar's Lived on?

Where did the Anasazi go?

How many Bacteria live in One Bite of Cheese?

What happens when Bears Hibernate?

Why do Bears eat Honey?

Why are Polar Bears White in Color?

How do Bears catch Fish?

Where do a Cat's Claws go when they are not being used?

Why does a Cat like to Play with Yarn?

How did the Praying Mantis get its name?

How does a Chameleon change its Color?

How does a Magnet get its Magnetism?

How does the Radio Antenna work?

Do Insects have Ears?

How does Electricity travel through a Wire?

What is Fog?

How many Dog Years equal one Human Year?

Why do Drops of Moisture form on a Cold Glass?

When were Roller Skates Invented?

What causes Lightning?

What does a Scorpion use its Sting for?

Why do Golf Balls have Dimples?

From which Building you can see all the way to Wisconsin?

How did Wall Street get its name?

What causes Rain?

Why do we get Seasick?

How did Butterfly get its name?

How do Clouds move in the Sky?

Why Do Cars Now Have Side-View Mirrors on the Passenger Side with the Message, "Objects in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear"?

What do you know about Gabon?

Who was Thomas Gainsborough?

Who was Yuri Gagarin?

What is a Habitat?

Who was Hades?

What is a Hadrian’s Wall?

What are the wild goats living in rocky regions from Spain to Mongolia?

Who was the founder of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Who was Henrik Ibsen?

What is a Jackal?

What is a Jaguar and what is its Habitat?

What do you know about Jamaica?

Who was Franz Kafka?

What is Kalahari?

What do you know about Kampuchea?

What is a Lake?

How will you define Land Speed Record?

What do you know about Laos?

What is a Macaw?

Who was James Ramsay Mac Donald?

What do you know about Macau?

Why Oaks have often been Revered in Religion?

How will you define Quakers?

How will you explain the Battle of El Alamein?

Who was Akhenaten?

Can Cats see Colors?

How are Seedless Orange Trees grown?

How are Shoe Sizes determined?

What are Tails for?

How does a Thermometer work?

Why does Salt melt Ice?

How were the Mountains formed?

How are Sea Shells formed?

Why are my Tears Salty?

Why are Pounds abbreviated Lbs?

What is Paint made of?

How did the Butterfly get its name?

How did the Hamster get its name?

What is Dust made of?

Why do Dogs Bury Bones?

Why aren’t the Keys on a Typewriter in Alphabetical Order?

Why does a Cow chew its Cud?

Why do my Ears fill up when i land in an Airplane?

What causes an Itch?

How does a Tape Recorder work?

Where does Saliva come from?

What is a Comet?

When did Schools Start?

What is at the Center of the Earth?

What is a Kiwi Bird?

How did the Days of the Week get their names?

What causes Geyser?

Do Flying Fish really Fly?

How did the Adam’s Apple get its name?

What are the Dragons of Komodo?

How is Dry Milk Powder made?

How are Dimes and Quarters made?

Why do Wolves Howl?

How does a Toad catch its Prey?

Why do People Snore?

How did Volcanoes get their name?

How much does the Earth Weigh?

Are Elephants really afraid of Mice?

How do Honeybees make Honey?

How does an Oyster make a Pearl?

What does a Saw Fish use its Saw for?

How does a Submarine go Up and Down?

How do Dolphins Sleep in the Ocean?

What causes Freckles?

When were Traffic Lights First used?

How does a Zipper work?

Do Fig Trees have Flowers?

What causes a Cold?

How do Trees grow Taller?

Why does a Train Whistle change its Pitch when it passes?

Why do we say that a Cat has Nine Lives?

Why does Swiss Cheese have Holes?

How did Flying Discs started?

What is Acid Rain?

How are Bricks made?

How does an Anchor hold a Ship?

How does a Stethoscope work?

When was Music first written down?

When were Crossword Puzzles Invented?

When was Basketball Invented?

Why does Water put out a Fire?

How does a Silkworm make its Silk?

Why do Men’s Clothes Button on the right?

What causes Waves in the Ocean?

How is Paper made from Trees?

Why do we get Sunburned?

How do Star Fish eat?

How does a Turtle get into its Shell?

What makes my Teeth hard?

How do Cashew Nuts grow?

How are Glass Marbles made?

How does a Jet Engine produce its Power?

Why do Roosters Crow?

Are Brown Eggs better than White Eggs?

What does the Distress Signal SOS stand for?

What is the Smallest Fish?

Why is it Hot at the Equator?

Why do Feet fall Asleep?

Why do we Sweat?

Do Fish Sleep?

What is Skunk Cabbage?

Why is the Lion known as the King of Beasts?

How does a Firefly make its Light?

Where does Sand come from?

What is the Great Red Spot of Jupiter?

Why do Moths eat Clothes?

Is the Prairie Dog really a Dog?

Do Snakes shed their Skin?

Where does Cork come from?

Where do Bees go in the Winter?

How does a Microwave Oven cook Food?

Why does the Moon have more Craters than the Earth?

Where does a Swallow build its Nest?

What are Teasel Plants used for?

Do a Ladybug’s Spots tell how old it is?

Why are there Colors?

Why do we Sleep?

Why do Zebras have Stripes?

How did the Solar System begin?

Where does the Word Nickname come from?

What are Food Calories?

How are Baseballs made?

Why do Spiders spin Webs?

How does Hair grow?

How does a Washing Machine get Clothes clean?

How does an Electric Eel produce its Electricity?

What are Black and Blue Marks?

How is Glass made?

What causes Ocean Tides?

How are Soft Drinks made?

How does an Elephant use its Trunk?

Why is Popcorn the only kind of Corn that Pops?

Why do Plants have Sap?

How does an Escalator work?

Why do we say God Bless You after someone Sneezes?

Why are Barns painted Red?

Why can't you Taste Food when you have a Cold?

What causes the Change of Seasons?

Do Insects have Bones?

Why do Mosquito bites Itch?

Where do Pistachio Nuts come from?

When were Mirrors First used?

Do Dogs Dream?

What are the health benefits of bathing in Dead Sea salts?

Who grew the First Tomatoes?

What is the Smallest Mammal?

How are Mountains formed?

How is Petrified Wood formed?

Is there a difference between a Rabbit and a Hare?

How long can a Camel go without Drinking Water?

How do Cavities form in Teeth?

How Fast does the Earth Spin?

Why do we get Goose Bumps?

Where was the First Newspaper Printed?

What is a Sloth?

What causes the Colors of Autumn Leaves?

Why does the Ocean look Blue?

Why do we have Half-Moons under our Fingernails?

Does the Giraffe have a Voice?

What are a Deer’s Antlers used for?

What is Chalk?

How do Snails get their Shells?

When were Buttons first used?

How are Hailstones formed?

Why do we see Stars when we Bump our Heads?

Who Steers a Train?

How can you tell the difference between a Female and a Male Slug?

Where do Flowers get their Smell?

What makes Clouds and why do they change their Shapes?

What do Butterflies eat?

Why do Beavers build Dams?

What is Soil?

How does a Cow make its Milk?

Where do Tears come from?

Why does Poison Ivy cause Itchiness?

How does a Magnetic Compass tell Direction?

What causes an Earthquake?

What book is the Statue of Liberty holding?

Why do Ants follow Ant Trails?

How are Plastics made?

Why are the Years in 2000s called the 21st Century?

Why does Ice Float?

Why is the Frame on a Girl’s Bike curved?

How do we know when we are Hungry?

What causes Rainbows?

How Fast can Winds blow?

How are the Pictures formed on Camera Film?

How do Gecko Lizards walk on Ceilings?

When did Fairs begin?

Why do Cats’ Eyes shine at Night?

How do Flying Squirrels fly?

How many Eyes does a Housefly have?

Where does Snow come from?

Why can we See our Breath on a Cold Day?

Where does Chocolate come from?

What do you mean by the term Butterflies in the Stomach?

What is the Fastest Animal?

What do you mean by the term By the Skin of your Teeth?

How does the Antenna on a Radio work?

Why do Pine Trees stay Green all Year long?

What do you mean by the term Tongue in Cheek?

What do you mean by the term Give their Eyeteeth?

Where does the Wax go when a Candle burns?

Why don’t we feel the Earth going around?

What do you mean by the term Have your Heart in your Mouth?

Why is Gold measured in Carats?

What causes Hiccups?

What do you mean by the term keep your Chin up?

What do you mean by the term Make no Bones?

Why do we have Hair?

Why does a Cactus have Spines?

Do Fish drink the Water they live in?

Does Quicksand suck Things down?

What do you mean by the term nothing to Sneeze at?

What do you mean by the term Under the Weather Bow?

When was the Hot Dog on a Bun Invented?

How do Cats Purr, and why do they do it?

If Seedless Grapes don’t have Seeds, how are New Plants started?

Do Birds have a Third Eyelid?

What do you mean by the term Shape Up or Ship Out?

What do you mean by the term Sick as a Dog?

How does a Smoke Detector work?

Where does Rubber come from?

What is Fox Fire?

Why does a Gorilla beat its Chest?

Why do Dogs Pant?

How Salty is the Ocean?

How do Sailboats Sail into the Wind?

How did the Armadillo get its name?

What causes the Mists above Lakes and Ponds?

Why are Moths attracted to Lights at Night?

What causes an Echo?

Why is there Sand in our Eyes when we wake up?

How do Plants give off Oxygen?

What makes a Skunk Smell?

Why do Lemmings go on a Death March to the Sea?

Where do Insects go in Winter?

Why do you Blush?

Where does Gasoline come from?

Which is the Highest Waterfall in the World?

Where does Rain come from?

What do Earthworms eat?

Why do we see Lightning before we hear Thunder?

What is a Venus Flytrap?

What puts the chew in Chewing Gum?

How does the Sound come from a Record?

Why do the Mimosa’s Leaves close when touched?

Is the Tomato a Fruit or Vegetable?

How did Hamburger get its name?

Why do Cats have rough Tongues?

How far can a Flea jump?

Is Black a Color?

How did Wisdom Teeth get their name?

What are Owl Pellets?

Why does a Whale Spout?

What is the Liquid in a Thermometer?

What causes Seasickness?

Why can Birds fly?

Why do Snakes always stick out their Tongues?

When were Jigsaw Puzzles Invented?

How is Rainfall measured?

Why did People wear Curly Wigs in the 1700s?

What is the difference between Meteoroids, Meteors, and Meteorites?

Why do Dogs turn in Circles before they lie down?

How does Yeast make Dough rise?

What is a Truffle?

Why does a Doughnut have a hole?

Where do Volcanoes begin?

When were Books first made?

What gives my Eyes their Color?

Why do some Bears sleep all Winter?

What is Humidity?

What is the distinction between Cement and Concrete?

How do Ants eat?

What is a Charley Horse and How did it get its name?

Why doesn’t a Sleeping Bird fall off its Perch?

When did Zoos start?

How does a Seed become a new Plant?

Why does Hair turn Gray when People are Old?

Are Bats really Blind?

Why do Horses wear Shoes?

Do Cats always Land on their Feet?

What makes the Wind Blow?

Why do Owls Hunt at Night?

Why is the Pipe under the Sink Curved?

How does a City Purify its Water?

Why do Cats have Whiskers?

Why is the Frame on a Girl’s Bicycle curved?

How can a Fly walk on the Ceiling?

What is Hail?

Why do Hermit Crabs live in Discarded Shells?

Why do Clouds change Shapes?

Do Fish drink Water?

How did the Eskimos get their name?

Why do you Sneeze?

How long do Animals live?

How did Death Valley get its name?

How can a Hummingbird stand Still in the Air?

What is a Funny Bone?

Where does my Hair get its Color?

What is the difference between Fruits and Vegetables?

What were the Dark Ages?

What is Fool’s Gold?

Why do my Muscles grow tired when I Exercise?

How can Cactus Plants live in the Desert?

Why do Mexican Jumping Beans jump?

Why is the Ocean Salty?

How does my Voice go over the Telephone?

Do Bulls attack when they see Red?

Why do Toucans have such Big Bills?

Do Insects have Blood?

Where do Flies go in the Winter?

Why do my Fingers Wrinkle after a Bath?

What are Sunspots?

How does a Spider make its Silk?

What is the World’s Largest Flower?

How do Snails eat?

How Old is the World’s Oldest Tree?

How does Soap make you Clean?

Does a Robin Cock its Head to listen?

Why does your Stomach Rumble when you’re Hungry?

How are Raisins made?

Why are Dimes smaller than Pennies?

Why do the English Drive on the Left Side of the Road?

Why does Iron Rust?

How does a Dam produce Electricity?

How can you tell how Old a Tree is?

How do Scallops Swim?

How is Bubble Gum made?

How are Peppermint Sticks made?

Why does the Sun look Red at Sunset?

How did the Jackrabbit get its name?

What is Margarine made from?

Why does a Dog Wag its Tail?

How do Water Striders walk on Water?

Why is Milk Pasteurized?

How did the Black Widow Spider get its name?

Where does Black Pepper come from?

How is the Egg formed in the Chicken?

How are Party Balloons made?

How does a Cricket make its Chirping Sound?

Why does my Hair turn Light in the Sun?

What causes Warts?

Is there a Dog that can’t Bark?

How did the Pineapple get its name?

How does a Seed become a Tree?

When were Jelly Beans Invented?

Can Dogs see Colors?

What makes your Foot go to Sleep?

How do Chipmunks Hold Food in their Cheeks?

What is Amber?

Why do Geese Fly in a 'V' Formation?

What is Quicksand?

What is a Mule?

How did the Strawberry get its name?

Why does the Highway look Wet on a Hot Day?

How can Ice Cream make your Teeth Hurt?

How does my Hair grow?

Why do Birds Sing?

Can Snakes hear?

How does a Frisbee Fly?

Is a Turtle the same as a Tortoise?

Why does a Boy’s Voice break?

What is a Weed?

When were Postage Stamps first used?

Did Mermaids ever exist?

Why do you Sweat?

Why do Earthworms come out when it Rains?

Where do Flowers get their Smell?

How do we Hear Sounds?

What are Goose Pimples?

Why do Birds have Light and Dark Meat?

How do Rattlesnakes Rattle?

Does an Ostrich hide its Head when it is frightened?

What causes a Rainbow?

Why do Pine Trees stay Green all Year?

Where does Natural Gas come from?

Why do we Yawn?

Where did the word Quiz come from?

Why does a Ball Bounce?

How is Caffeine removed from Coffee?

How are Chalk Crayons made?

What makes Waves in the Ocean?

Are Alligators the same as Crocodiles?

How is Butter made?

How does a Spider eat?

What causes Thunder?

Was Columbus trying to prove the Earth was round when he discovered America?

How do Scientists measure the Depth of the Ocean?

Why do Flowers have different Colors and Smells?

Why must a Fever Thermometer be shaken?

What are my Taste Buds?

Why do your Baby Teeth fall out?

Where do Cobwebs come from?

Where does Oil comes from?

What is Licorice made from?

How far away is the Horizon?

Why do Jellyfish sting?

Why are some Clothes Dry Cleaned?

What is a Condor?

Why is a Horse always mounted from the Left Side?

What is an Oasis?

Where does my Voice come from?

Why is the Sky Blue?

Can Ducks Swim without being Taught?

Where did French Fries get their name?

What are the Seven Seas?

How do we Measure the Height of a Mountain?

How are Seashells formed?

What makes Plant Leaves Green?

How do Apple Blossoms turn into Apples?

How old is the Game of Bowling?

Why do we say “God Bless You” after a Sneeze?

Are White Eggs better than Brown Eggs?

How do Whales Sleep?

Can Snakes be charmed by Music?

What causes the Color we see around us?

How are Seedless Navel Orange Trees grown?

Why does a Jet Plane leave a Vapor Trail?

Why is the Pound abbreviated (LB)?

How do Snakes eat?

How did the Grapefruit get its name?

How did the Tarantula get its name?

How are Natural Diamonds formed?

How are Cornflakes made?

Did Unicorns ever exist?

Why do Honeybees Die after they Sting?

What does an Electric Eel do with its Electricity?

What causes the Ocean Tides?

What is Hard Water?

Why are Moths attracted to a Light?

What do we mean by Wind Chill?

How did Dogs get their names?

Why do we see Snow on High Mountains during Summer?

How many Eyes does a Fly have?

Do Butterflies Taste with their Feet?

How does a Baseball Pitcher throw a Curve Ball?

How are Felt-Tip Markers made and how do they work?

Why is the number 13 considered Unlucky?

What do A.M. and P.M. mean?

How does a Fire Extinguisher work?

How do Fish live in a Frozen Pond?

Why does Boiling Water Bubble?

How were Sideburns named?

What is a Sponge?

What is a Fever?

How did April Fools’ Day begin?

What are Fingerprints?

What is the Milky Way?

What gives Opals their Color?

What are the Dark Spots on the Moon?

How does the Sun Tan my Skin?

How is Chewing Gum made?

When were Ferris Wheels Invented?

Why does an Octopus Squirt Ink into the Water?

What are Water Towers for?

How do Chickens Chew their Food?

Why is it Hotter in Summer than in Winter?

What is the Origin of the Dollar Sign?

How did the White House get its name?

What is a Black Hole in Space?

What do we mean by a Water Table?

How Fast does Light Travel?

How did Ponies get their name?

What is the Largest Number with a name?

Why do my Ice Skates Slide over the Ice so easily?

What are Clouds made of?

How does an X-Ray see inside you?

How does a Cat purr?

Did George Washington really wear False Teeth made of Wood?

What does the Pelican use its Pouch for?

Why does the Leaning Tower of Pisa Lean?

What is Paint?

How does a Snail move?

Why did Men wear Powdered Wigs in the 1700s?

Why do a Cat’s Eyes shine at Night?

What is a Giant Anteater?

How did we get the Word “Salary”?

Why did the Egyptians make Mummies?

What Metals are Quarters and Dimes made of?

How are Ship Models put into Bottles?

What are Icebergs?

Do Pine and Fir Trees lose their Leaves?

What is the difference between Jam and Jelly?

How did Hockey get its name?

How does a Refrigerator work?

How did Earth get its name?

Why must a Fever Thermometer be shaken each time it is used?

Why do Dimes have Ridges on their Rims?

What makes a Match Light?

Why do Cats like Catnip?

How do Bees make Honey?

Why Dogs always have Wet Noses, and can sniff things out better than Humans?

How does a Car Engine work?

Where did the saying “Mind your P’s and Q’s” come from?

What are Carpenter Bees?

How does an Elevator work?

How do we get Cinnamon?

What is Sugar made from?

What is a Laser?

How does a Magnet work?

Why are Wieners called Hot Dogs?

When did the People of Scotland start wearing Kilts?

How did the Grandfather Clock get its name?

Why do Indians wear Feathers?

How does Radar work?

Where did the Bible’s name come from?

What is a Watermark?

Why can’t we see the Stars in Daytime?

How does a Broken Bone Heal itself?

Why do I get a Shock when I walk across a Carpet and touch a Metal Doorknob?

What is the Electoral College?

Where does Coffee come from?

What is Saint Elmo’s Fire?

Where does Table Salt come from?

What are Toenails and Fingernails made of?

Why is the Wedding Ring worn on the Third Finger of the Left Hand?

What is a Shrew?

What are the Northern Lights?

Why do Woodpeckers Peck on Trees?

Why is there Daylight Saving Time?

Why do Leaves turn Colors in the Fall?

What is a Cold-Blooded Animal?

How are Olives pickled?

Why are the Letters on a Typewriter mixed up?

Why do jumping beans jump?

How do Starfish eat?

Where did the word Yankee come from?

What is a School of Fish?

Who invented the Yo-Yo?

Why do Leaves turn Brown in the Fall?

Why do Clouds change Shape?

Why did Dinosaurs Die out?

How does a Sewing Machine Sew?

Why do Onions make our Eyes Water?

How does a Neon Light work?

What were the First Mirrors?

Why are Piranha Fish so dangerous?

Where does the Sun get its Energy?

Why is Rice thrown at Weddings?

How many Stars are there in the Universe?

Why do Cobras Dance when they hear Music?

How are Phonograph Records made?

What is a Rhinoceroses Horn made of?

Did the St. Bernard Rescue Dogs really carry Casks of Brandy?

What is the Zodiac?

How does Coral grow?

How does a Cylinder Lock and Key work?

What causes Earthquakes?

How does Frost harm Plants?

What are a Cow’s Horns made of?

Why aren’t there any Snakes in Ireland?

What is the History of the Pen?

How are Diamonds formed?

How do Silkworms make their Silk?

What is Glue made of?

Why can’t a Bee Sting more than Once?

What caused the Tower of Pisa to lean?

What makes Geysers?

Why does an Ostrich hide its Head in the Sand?

Why do Sunsets look Red?

Why do Fish swim in Schools?

How did the Crab Apple get its name?

Why do Barber Poles have Red and White Stripes?

Why does an Opossum hang by its Tail?

What causes a Mirage?

Why do you Shiver when you are Cold?

Why are there Leap Years?

How are Bubbles put into Soda Pop?

How is Sound produced?

What is a Sand Dollar?

Why do we say “God bless you” when someone sneezes?

How is Coal formed?

What is Gravity?

How do Grasshoppers make their Noise?

Why is Ice slippery?

When were Wax Crayons Invented?

Why does Hair turn Gray?

What is Cement made from?

Why is the Lion called King of Beasts?

Why does an Ice Cube float?

How does a Harmonica make Music?

Where does Mold come from?

What does Making a Beeline mean?

How do Bats ply in the dark?

Why does a Dog Pant?

Why is a Dime smaller than a Penny?

What are Shooting Stars?

What makes a Fire Smoke?

What is a Gourd?

How does Popcorn grow?

Do Porcupines throw their Quills?

How do Jet Engines work?

Why were covered Bridges built?

Why do Bats hang upside down?

Why does Ice Cream make my Teeth hurt?

Why do Geese fly in a V Formation?

Why do Birds Molt?

How are Inks made?

How does Ventriloquist make his Dummy talk?

How are Toy Balloons made?

What are Deer Antlers made of?

Where did the expression Charley Horse come from?

Why do we have Saliva in our Mouths?

Are Elephants afraid of Mice?

Why does Venice have Canals?

How deep is the Deepest Spot in the Ocean?

What is an Iceberg?

How does a Prism produce Colors?

Why do my Ears fill up when I go up in an Airplane?

How does a Magnifying Glass work?

How was Basket Ball Invented?

What makes a Ship float?

Why do Owls come out at Night?

What do the Letters Z-I-P stand for in the words Zip Code?

Why is the Great Salt Lake Salty?

What makes Skunk smell?

Why is the United States called Uncle Sam?

What is Ambergris?

Why do Leaves change Colors in Autumn?

How far can an Owl turn its Head?

Why do we have Time Zones?

How does a Scab form?

What is a Light-Year?

What happens to a Lost Balloon?

Does the Color Red irritate a Bull?

Why do Snake stick out their Tongues?

Why do Toads have Warts?

How did the Sandwich get its name?

How do Birds fly?

How do Snails move?

How do Glaciers form?

How do Chameleons change Color?

How does a Coffee Percolator work?

How are Sewing Needles made?

How is the Nose able to Smell?

Why does Poison Ivy itch?

Why does the Camel have a Hump?

Why isn’t Washington, D. C. a State?

How does a Tree make Sap?

How do Termites digest Wood?

When were Ice Cream Cones invented?

Why does a Compass point North?

Why do Fish have Scales?

How do Frogs Croak?

How do Oysters make Pearls?

How does Dew form?

How does a Squid use its Ink to escape Enemies?

Why is the Owl considered Wise?

What is Gelatin made from?

What is the Continental Drift Theory?

When was Candy First eaten?

Why does the Road look Wet on a Hot Day?

How does a Rocket Engine work?

How did we get the Word Nickname?

What is the Great Wall of China?

When was the Automobile invented?

When did Kindergartens start?

How do Mirrors work?

How do Microwave Ovens work?

How do Paper Wasps make their Paper?

Do Male Sea Horses have Babies?

What makes the Bubbles form when Water boils?

How do Baleen Whales eat?

What keeps an Igloo warm inside?

How many Stars can we see at Night?

How does a Snake shed its Skin?

What is 14 K gold?

How is Soap made?

What are Star Notes?

Where did Chess originate?

Why does my Stomach rumble when I’m Hungry?

What makes Thunder?

How is Flour made?

How are Stained Glass Windows made?

Do Fish ever sleep?

What causes Warts?

How does Cricket make its Chirping Sound?

What are Saturn’s Rings made of?

How do Clams eat?

When can a Rainbow be seen?

Where does Black Pepper come form?

Why is Milk Homogenized?

How are Pickles made?

What is the difference between Boats and Ships?

What are Sea Lions?

Why do Stars Shine only at Night?

How do the days of the Week get their names?

What is Paint made from?

How did the term “OK” start?

Can you get Warts from a Toad?

What causes Black and Blue Marks?

How do Bananas grow?

What causes the common Cold?

How did we get our Letter W?

How are Stars formed?

How do you See?

Why does the Moon appear Orange sometimes?

How did People clean their Teeth before Toothbrushes were Invented?

How is Chocolate made?

Why do we Hear the Sound of the Sea in a Seashell?

What causes Goose Pimples?

How does a Sundial tell Time?

What makes an Echo?

How are Toothpaste Tubes filled?

Why does Soda Pop Fizz?

How do Flying Fish fly?

What makes the Colors in a Rainbow?

What causes Volcanoes?

Why is Blood Red?

How did Oil get into Oil Wells?

How does Yeast make Bread Dough rise?

How does a Siphon work?

Where does Iron come from?

What is a Sea Cucumber?

Who made the First Chewing Gum?

What is the Jet Stream?

How did the Red Sea get its name?

What is the Origin of Birthday Cakes?

How do Snakes move?

Why is a Four-Leaf Clover Lucky?

Why does it take longer to Boil an Egg at High Altitudes?

How is Leather made?

What do the Numbers in the Zip Code mean?

How does a Rattlesnake Rattle?

How did the Netherlands get its name?

Where did Ice Cream originate?

When was the Pencil Invented?

What makes Hail?

Why do I have a Fever when I’m Sick?

Why does a Glass crack when Hot Water is poured into it?

How does Tape Recorder work?

Can a Lizard break off its Tail?

What causes the Ring around Moon?

Where did the Dollar Sign come from?

What is Sea Level?

How are Oysters born?

How does an Octopus Eat?

Why do we have Daylight saving Time?

Are Owls really Wise?

Where do Waxes come from?

How do Bees make their Honey?

How can you tell a Raven from a Crow?

What makes a Knot in a Piece of Wood?

Why did man begin to invent things?

How do Birds chew their Food?

How many Oceans are there in the World?

How does a Clam make its Shell?

How is Food digested?

How do Butterflies get their Color?

Why can I see my Breath on a Cold Day?

How does the Worm get into the Apple?

How does a Spider spin its Web?

Why doesn’t a Spider get caught in its own Web?

What is aquagenic urticaria?

How did the Bald Eagle get its name?

When were Popsicles Invented?

Do all other creatures use tools?

How does a Fish swim?

How do Eyeglasses correct our Vision?

Can Two People have Identical Fingerprints?

How does the Venus Flytrap trap Insects?

What makes a Bell Ring?

Which is the World’s Largest Lake?

Why don’t Fish Sink?

What is Clay?

What are basic inventions?

How was the use of Fire discovered?

How is Paper Money made?

What cause Tidal Waves?

How does a Microwave Oven work?

How do the Fortunes get inside Fortune Cookies?

When does a Hill become a Mountain?

Who started the Diamond Engagement Ring Tradition?

What is Glue made from?

Where are an Owl’s Ears?

What cause Sounds?

What is Sterling Sliver? How did it get its name?

Is there any difference between Fog and Clouds?

How is Safety Glass made?

Which Bird lays the biggest Egg?

Do Millipedes really have 1000 Legs?

Do Bees collect Wax from Flowers?

Why do we get Pimples?

Do Animals Cry?

Who made the First Money?

Can a Skunk aim its Spray?

How should we take care of our teeth?

When did Man learn to make Fire himself?

When did Writing begin?

How was Writing first used?

How were Languages born?

What do you mean by Movable type?

Who invented Alphabets?

Who was the European Inventor of Printing?

What was the Guatenberg process?

How do Printing Presses work?

How old is the Lens? What's the practical use of Lens?

How did the Spectacles originate?

Who invented the Telescope?

How was the Telescope improved?

Who invented Photostat or the Photocopier?

Who invented Photography?

Which was the First Camera to use a Lens?

How was Electricity discovered?

Who invented the Battery?

Who invented the Solar Battery?

Did Thomas Edison really invent the Light Bulb?

Who was the inventor of the water pump in mines?

Who made steel first?

How did ancient civilizations record time?

Who invented cement?

Who invented the Alarm Clock?

How were water clocks used?

When did the accurate mechanical clocks appear?

Who invented the Quartz Clock?

Who invented the Gramophone?

What are the different types of birthmarks, where do they occur, and how are they treated?

When was first Adding and Listing Machine or Calculator invented?

Who invented the Radio?

Who invented the Transistor?

Who designed the First Modern Seismograph?

Who invented the Barometer?

Who invented the Telephone?

What is a Cell Phone? Who invented it?

Who invented Radar?

Who invented Television?

What does Hydropolis stands for?

Who invented the Modern Computer?

How were Computer Printers created?

Who invented the Floppy Disk?

Who discovered Pineapple?

How will you define a Robot?

How was Agriculture evolved?

Where did agriculture first take place?

Who invented the Bicycle?

What were the changes wrought by the Agricultural Revolution?

What were the first Foods grown by Man?

Who made the Genetically Modified Food, for the first time?

Who invented the Wheel and When?

Who invented the Milking Machine?

What is Genetic Engineering?

What is Cell Culture?

Who invented the Tire?

Who invented the Pneumatic Tire?

What do you mean by the term Penny Farthing?

Who made the Steam Engine?

When were Traffic Signals installed?

What is an Internal Combustion Engine?

How does Brushing Teeth with Toothpaste prevent Cavities?

What is the Longest River in the World?

Why do Cats retract their Claws?

How does a Lie Detector work?

Does a Spider ever get caught in its own Web?

How did Greenland get its name?

Which Animal has the Biggest Eyes?

Can Fish Drown?

Can a Person’s Hair turn White overnight?

Why is the Flame of a Candle different Color?

Do Squirrels remember where they hide all of their Nuts?

When was Soda Pop invented?

Why do Farms have Silos?

When was Silk discovered?

Which is the Highest Mountain?

What makes a Diamond sparkle?

What kind of Noise does a Kangaroo make?

What is the use of having Two Eyes?

What is Father's Day?

When were the First Hot-Air Balloons flown?

How does Water get into Coconuts?

How did killer Whales get their name?

Do Elephants really have Good Memories?

Where does Salt come from?

Was there a Real Dracula?

Why do Camels have Humps?

Why can’t we cure the Common Cold?

How long have Cats been Pets?

What is a Patent?

How do Insects breathe?

Why do we throw Rice at the Bride and Groom?

What do Armadillos eat?

Why do Male Frogs Croak?

What causes Weather?

Why do we get more Sunlight in the Summer than in the Winter?

What is a Tornado? How do Tornadoes form?

How can you tell what time it is by looking at the Sun?

Does everyone have a Blind Spot?

How far is it to the Center of the Earth?

Do Bananas have Seeds?

Why does Paper turn Yellow with Age?

Why are some Puppets called Marionettes?

How many Eyelids Does a Camel have?

How did the Bloodhound get its name?

Why do Dogs have Wet Noses?

How does a Rain Gauge work?

Why do Termites build Tall Mounds?

How did the Box Turtle get its name?

How can Lungfish live out of Water?

Can Scientists make Rain Fall?

When were Pencil Erasers Invented?

How many Eyes does a Spider have?

What are our Nails for?

Why do Coyotes Howl at the Moon?

What is Global Warming?

How did Driving on the Right originate in America?

What is Sprain?

Why is Gold Precious?

Who is a Town Crier?

Who are Gypsies?

How does Newspaper tear smoothly vertically and raggedly horizontally?

Why do our Noses Run when we Cry?

How Fast does the Hair on your Head grow?

How do Brazil Nuts grow?

Where do Puddles go when they Dry Up?

How many Eggs does a Chicken lay in a Year?

What are the Panama Canal Locks?

Are Icebergs made of Salt Water?

Why do you some time get a Pain in your Side when you Run?

How can Polar Bears stand Cold Water?

What Trees live Longest?

Do Submarines have Anchors?

When did People start Chewing Gum?

Why do Light Bulbs have Glass Bulbs?

How did the Catfish get its Name?

Are all the Parts of a Tree Alive?

How can you Tell how far away Lightning is?

Why are Stars different Colors?

Why do Potatoes have Eyes?

Are all Sharks Dangerous?

How much does an Elephant eat?

How did Schools Start?

Do you know how Milk gets converted into Curd?

Why do Frogs Blink their Eyes when they Eat?

How did the First Clocks Work?

Why do Owls turn their Heads to look around?

What is Tundra?

Why do Crocodiles eat Rocks?

Do Animals Talk to each other?

What causes the Play of Colors in a Soap Bubble?

Where did the Term Jaywalking come from?

Why does Lighting always strike the Highest Object around?

What is a Birthstone?

What is the Largest Butterfly?

Why does your Tooth become Loose before it Falls out?

Why is the Skin of an Orange Pitted?

How are we able to Taste Things?

Do Bumblebees make Honey?

How does the Sound get on Motion Picture Film?

What is the difference between an Earthquake and an Aftershock?

How do Starfish move about?

Why does a Four Leaf Clover stand for Good Luck?

Why do some Flowers close up at Night?

How does a Giraffe Stoop to Drink?

Where does the expression White Elephant come from?

If a Tree falls in a Forest and no one Hears it, does it make a Noise?

Where does Butter come from?

How are Dolphin Babies Born?

What is a Coldblooded Animal?

What makes Floating Soap Float?

What causes Whirlwinds?

What makes Water Hard?

What is Tapioca?

Why does a Tornado Suck up everything in its Path?

What is the Worlds Tallest Grass?

What do the Four Suits on Playing Cards stand for?

What is a Laughing Hyena, and does it really Laugh?

Do kangaroos Box?

What is a Will-O’-The-Wisp?

Who First Invented Paper?

What does an Elephant uses its Tusks for?

How are Stick-On Bandages made?

Why do your Eyes Water when you Slice Onions?

Why do we have Eyelashes and Eyebrows?

Why do Dogs have a good sense of Smell?

When do Birds migrate?

Where was the First Zoo?

What is Reindeer Moss?

Why do many Flowers have a Sweet Scent?

When is a Butterfly formed?

How do Frogs Breathe Under Water?

When do Bees Swarm?

Who First Classified Butterflies and Moths?

Where do butterflies go when it Rains?

How can you tell a Terrapin from a Tortoise?

Why do farmers like the Ichneumon Fly?

Who First Domesticated Animals?

What is Coral?

What is the Difference between a Fruit and a Vegetable?

Where do Elephants go to die?

When does a Chameleon change Color?

Why do some Elephants have very large Ear?

Why do we have a Dawn Chorus?

When Does a Hermit Crab Change its Shell?

Do Flies Hibernate?

What is a Salamander?

Why are Yews Often Found in Church Yards?

Where does the Breadfruit Tree grow?

What is a Loofah?

Where does a Leech Feed?

Why do some Plants capture Insects?

When do Drones Die?

Where would you find Cowrie Shells?

Why is Grass Green?

When does a Forest become petrified?

Why don't Trees grow on Mountain Tops?

What does Bee-Line mean?

Where are Crocodiles born?

Why do Trees lose Leaves in Winter?

When was Tea First grown?

How do Worms dig their Holes?

Why can Owls see well at Night?

When do Sharks attack Humans?

What is a Manx Cat?

Why are Bird’s Eggs rounded?

When do Worms turn?

Where does Caviare come from?

Why does Wood have a Grain?

What is a Praying Mantis?

When does the Male Stickleback turn Red?

Why do Moths and Butterflies have powdery wings?

Where do Sponges come from?

What is unusual about Lemmings?

When can you see a Snake Dance?

Why do Rabbits have large Ears?

When do Animals become Mutants?

Why do Beavers build Dam?

Where is the World’s longest Snake?

Where would you find Pearls?

Why do Birds Preen themselves?

What is a Tuatara?

When did the American Bison near Extinction?

Why do Penguins have small, stiff Wings?

When does a Cow start to give Milk?

Why do some Birds eat Grit?

Where do Tree Frogs come from?

What makes Jumping Beans Jump?

Why does Wood Rot?

When were Breakfast Cereals First used?

Why do Bats make High-Pitched Sounds?

Where would you find Live Prehistoric Fish?

What is a Greenshank?

Why do most Fish have Scales?

Where does a Bee keep its Sting?

What do Birds of Prey eat?

When did Pterodactyls Live?

Why are some Japanese Tree Minute?

Where did all the Dodos go?

Why do Flowers have Sepals?

Where are the largest Animals found?

What are Termites?

When does a Tadpole become a Frog?

Why do Birds have different Bills?

Where would you find a Trap-Door Spider?

Why do Birds have Hollow Bones?

Where do Lichens grow?

What are Fossils?

Where would you find Red Giant the Redwood Tree?

Why are Vampire Bats Dangerous?

When was Rubber discovered?

What is Photosynthesis?

Why do Cats Purr?

When does a Tree have to be pruned?

When does Pollution kill a River?

What makes a Glow Worm Glow?

Why do Dogs Moult?

What is a Camels Hump for?

Why are some Moths attracted by Lights?

When do Plants Breathe?

Where do Whelks lay their Eggs?

When does a Tree stop growing?

What are Crustaceans?

Where would you find Truffles?

What is a Flying Fox?

Why did the Dinosaurs die out?

When do Snake shed their skins?

Why are there Closed Seasons for Game?

Where do Salmon go to breed?

When does Apple Scab occur?

What are Amphibians?

Where do Spiders keep their Webs?

Why is the Manchineel Tree dangerous?

What is a Mud-skipper?

Why do Laurel and Holly Trees Have Shiny, Waxy Leaves?

Who was Kublai Khan?

When were Submarines first used?

What is the Bayeux Tapestry?

When were Ducking Stools in use?

Why is Chlorine used to clean Swimming Pools?

Are African Tigerfish equivalent to the South American piranha?

Who was Hereward the Wake?

Where was Joan of Arc burned to death?

When did the Vikings reach America?

Who killed Julius Caesar?

When was Jesus Christ born?

Where are the Heights of Abraham?

Where was Karl Marx buried?

Who was “Stonewall” Jackson?

What is the Mafia?

Why was Whitney’s Cotton Gin important?

How did Houdini get free from his chains?

Where was Custer’s last stand?

Why is America so called?

When were Kings thought to be Gods?

Where did Noah's Ark come to rest?

What is the Magna Carta?

How did Suffragettes get their name?

Why did the British Empire break up?

How did Grandma Moses became famous?

Where did Christopher Columbus land?

Where was the Klondike?

Why is Texas called the Lone Star State?

Who put his Telescope to his Blind Eye?

When was the First History Book written?

How is the Archbishop of Canterbury chosen?

What was Ku-Klux-Klan?

Who was the Lord Protector?

Where did Dalai Lama live?

How did Pitt the Younger become famous?

Where did Gautama Buddha live?

When did West Point start?

Where did Napoleon go after Waterloo?

Who signed the King of Spain's Beard?

Why did the American Civil War start?

Where did the Queen of Sheba live?

When was Keelhauling used for punishment?

What is Hara-Kiri?

What was the Great Trek?

Where do the Stars and Stripes in American Flag come from?

When did the Crusades take place?

Where did the Light Brigade Charge?

How is the American President elected?

Who assassinated President Kennedy?

Why was Louis XIV called the Sun King?

How is a New Pope Elected?

Who was Le Douanier Rousseau?

Where did Lady Godiva ride Naked?

When did Drake sail around the World?

When were the Last Convicts sent to Australia?

Who were the Medici of Florence?

Who became known as Clive of India?

Where was Horatio Nelson born?

When was the United Kingdom formed?

Why is Paul Revere famous?

Where is Pompeii?

When did Akbar build his Empire?

Who was Benedict Arnold?

How did Hitler come to Power?

Why were Slaves taken to the West Indies?

Where is the Tomb of Tutankhamen?

When did America's last war with England took place?

When was the American Depression?

Why is South America largely Catholic?

How did the Great Fire of London start?

Where did Prester John live?

How Old is the Oldest Royal Family?

Who was Rommel?

Who was Mahatma Gandhi?

Why was the Taj Mahal built?

When was the Iliad written?

Where did the World's First Iron Battleships fight?

Where did the American war of Independence start?

When was Battle of Hastings fought?

How did Pocahontas became a Legendary Figure?

Where is Golgotha?

Why did the Roman Civilization fall?

When was Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor?

Why did some Countries had Colonies?

Where did Montezuma Die?

What are Mercenaries?

When was the Colosseum built?

Where did Caesar land in Britain?

When was Slavery abolished?

When did Hamlet live?

How was Jean Paul Marat assassinated?

Who were the Tolpuddle Martyrs?

How did the Celts dispersed?

Why was the Great Wall of China built?

Who lived at 221-B, Baker Street, London?

When did the Incas rise to power?

Where is William Penn buried?

Why are Assassins so-called?

What was the Auto Da-Fe?

How did Botany Bay become famous?

Why is Democracy considered good?

When was the Gunpowder Plot?

Where is Dunkirk?

What was the Black Death?

When is War said to escalate?

Where did Robin Hood live?

Why are some Dictators called benevolent?

Who was known as Rasputin?

Define NDM-1?

What is a Tattoo?

What is a Temporary Tattoo?

Why did the May Flower sail to America?

What happened to the Aborigines?

Where do Dreams go when we Wake-Up?

When was Blood-Letting common?

Why do we turn White when Frightened?

What happens when we Blush?

How does the Heart work?

Where are the Sweat Glands?

When does the body produce Adrenalin?

Why do we have Two Eyes?

Who developed Insulin?

What happens when Things go Mouldy?

What is a Fire Tornado?

Why don't Fish in the Arctic Ocean Freeze?

Who are Maoris?

What is a Mini?

What is a Butterfinger?

Where are the islets of Langerhans?

Why do we Bruise?

When was the Sign Language for Deaf-Mutes invented?

What is Hypnotism?

Where does the Body Store its Energy?

Why are Young Babies fed on Milk?

Why do we have Kidneys?

When does the Brain begin to decline?

Where are the Nerves?

What makes Wrinkles?

How did the Doctors’ Hippocratic Oath originate?

What do you mean by the term Bungalows?

Why is Cheddar Cheese Orange?

What's the difference between Baking Soda and Baking Powder?

Why do you Stir some Drinks and Shake others?

Why do we say that Plants provided Early Man with Ropes?

Why are scissors an Ancient Tool?

Why did Romans built Flats and Villas in the First Century A.D.?

Why was Living Room called Parlour in early British Homes?

What were the earliest Building Materials made of?

Why were there Windows of different Sizes in Ancient Homes?

What did people of Mohenjo daro use for Building Materials?

What is Pus?

Who was Anton van Leeuwenhoek?

When was the Iron Lung Invented?

How thick is the Average Skull?

Where are the Metatarsals?

Why do we sometimes need to Scratch?

When do Bones break?

What are our Eyes made of?

Why do we Grow Old?

What is Skin?

What Medical Instruments did the Romans use?

Where is the Aorta?

Where is the Cervix?

When was Aspirin first used?

Why all Wind Turbines should be Painted Purple?

When do Gall Stones occur most often?

Why do we Smile?

Where is your Funny Bone?

Who discovered the Body’s Reflex Actions?

When was the Stethoscope invented?

What makes Eyes different Colors?

Why can you not Breathe when you Swallow?

Why do we vaccinate against Smallpox?

When was Acupuncture first used?

What is a Squint?

Who discovered the Cure for Scurvy?

What are Tears?

Where do Teeth come from?

Why do Injured Joints swell up?

How do certain Drugs put us to sleep?

When was the First Human Heart Transplant carried out?

Why do we get Indigestion?

What is Plasma?

Who founded the Mayo Clinic?

What is the cause of Flat Feet?

When were Antiseptics first used?

How does a Kidney Machine work?

Why do Animals need Oxygen?

What is the Uvula?

Why do leopards have rosette shaped markings but tigers have stripes?

Why does Skin Color vary?

What is the Coccyx?

When was Penicillin discovered?

How Tall was the World’s Tallest Man?

Why are some People Color Blind?

What is the Pituitary Gland?

When do People stop Growing?

Who was Vesalius?

Why should we Wash our Hands before Meals?

What makes People Faint?

How do our Taste Buds work?

What is the purpose of Bones?

Who discovered Typhoid Vaccine?

Why do we have Brains?

What does an X-Ray show?

Who uses a Cardiac Pacemaker?

Why do Doctors take your Temperature?

When was the Thermometer invented?

How do we Grip?

When were Contact Lenses invented?

Why do we become Sea-Sick?

What is Muscle?

Where would you catch Malaria?

What is the Umbilical Cord?

Who First used a Powered Dental Drill?

What makes you feel Dizzy?

When does Blood Congeal?

When do Doctors give Electric Shocks?

What is a Stitch?

Why Zippers have YKK on them?

What is a Solarium?

When was the first Wrist Watch made?

How is Milk Pasteurized?

Why do Oil and Water not mix?

What was an Alchemist?

When does Color Fade?

Where is Cobalt used?

Why are Fertilizers used on Farms?

What is the Strongest Material?

When were Video Tapes introduced?

What is Kleine-Levin Syndrome?

What is a Meteorite?

How is Toilet and Shaving Soap made?

Why is Fluoride put in Drinking Water?

When was Concrete invented?

Where were Kites first flown?

Why does Frozen Food keep well?

What is a Theodolite?

When is the best Time to launch a Rocket to the Moon?

What do you know about the Milky Way?

How was the World formed?

Why do Water Pipes sometimes burst in winter?

Who made the first Dish Telescope?

Why don’t Cranes topple over?

When was the Telephone invented?

What is Antifreeze?

What do you mean by a Blinking Star?

Why do we burp?

Why are Hurricanes given Female Names?

Why is Adam’s apple called so?

What is Meniscus Tear?

What is Silent Birth?

Who are Echo Boomers?

What is Wiki?

What is Benthic Zone?

What is the Horo Dance?

What is Vertical Farming?

When was Chicory first used in Coffee?

What is the origin of the Circus?

What is a Totem?

What is Muesli?

Why is Star called a body of Luminous Gas?

Why do Exhaust Fumes contain Lead?

How did People in Ancient Times Measured the Passing of Time?

When were the First Talking Movies made?

Where is Ursa Minor?

What is Radar?

How Far can you See?

Why are some Metals Chromium Plated?

When does an Atom split?

Why is Pollution a problem?

How do Fire Extinguishers work?

How is Hard Water treated?

What are Gamma Rays?

Where was Morse Code first used?

Who invented the Jet Engine?

When was the Hydrofoil invented?

What is Glass Fibre?

How is a Sheet of Paper made?

Why do some Liquids burn?

Describe the process of Candle burning?

What is a Detergent?

When does Litmus Paper turn Red?

Why does an Astronaut need a Space Suit?

What is Plastic?

When does a Car use Overdrive?

Who was the Last Man to discover a Planet?

Why does an Automobile have a Carburetor?

Who invented the Wankel Engine?

Why does Stainless Steel resist Rust?

What does Water logged mean?

Who invented the Aeroplane?

Where will Water boil at a Low Temperature?

How do Sewing Machines work?

When was the first Gas Balloon used?

What is Glass made from?

Who sent the first Radio Message?

When does Copper turn Green?

What is an Aerosol?

Why does Iron go Red when heated?

Who invented the Rocket?

What is a Mirage?

When were Fireworks introduced?

Why do some Acids cause Burns?

Who was Thomas Newcomen?

When was the first Lighthouse built?

What is Tarmac?

How does a Tuning-Fork work?

Who built Zeppelins?

When was the Gyroscope invented?

How does Sewage Plant work?

Why do we use Double Glazing?

When is the Earth nearest the Sun?

Where is a Needle Beam used?

Who invented Springs?

How did Science begin?

What is a Vacuum?

When was the first Supersonic Flight?

Why are there many kinds of Saws?

What makes a Boomerang come back?

Why does Bread have Holes in it?

Why do some Cars need Aerofoil’s?

How is Ink made?

What is Energy?

When does a Slip Current occur?

Who was Galileo?

Why are Convection Heaters so-called?

Who designed the first Steamboat?

Who were the American inventors, who chose to celebrate their life's work in death?

Who invented Safety Matches?

Why do Aircraft sometimes leave Vapor Trails?

Who invented the Zip?

Who invented the Parachute?

Why is DDT dangerous?

Who built the first ride-able Bicycle?

When does a Firestorm occur?

When was the first Television Broadcast?

When was Halley’s Comet last seen?

Where was the Wheel invented?

How do Drink-Vending Machines work?

How are Copper Pipes made?

How is Mail sorted?

What is Persimmon?

From whom does the month of January take its name?

What is Cork and how is it produced?

What do you mean by the term Email?

What is Safety Glass?

What do you mean by the term Earth Hour?

What are Scarecrows and how effectively they scare Crows?

How are Diamonds used in today’s Industry?

How will you describe Fire?

When will a Car Engine stall?

When we light Fire in a Fireplace why does Smoke go up the Chimney?

Why do Cars have Pneumatic Tires?

What is Liquid Air and where is it used?

How will you describe Radium?

What is Orion’s Belt? Who was Orion?

How will you describe a Bunsen Burner?

Why do we say so 'walk uphill is harder than downhill'?

How is an Instrument Landing System used?

How will you describe a Volt?

How does the Moon shine?

Where are the World’s earliest Paintings?

What are Bandoliers?

When is Food kosher?

How is Blue Cheese made? why is it Blue?

What is the Touch of Midas?

Where are the Elysian Fields?

Name the magician noted for his sensational escape acts?

Why is Loch Ness famous?

What was the Phoenix?

What do you know about the earliest Artificial Roads?

Where is the Mona Lisa?

What is a Bailey bridge?

Why do Capuchin monkeys wash themselves with Urine?

When was the Scout Movement formed?

Where would you find the Garden of Eden?

Why was the Statue of Liberty built?

What is a Gargoyle?

Where do Raisins come from?

When did Yoga start?

What do you mean by the term Sherpa’s?

What is the origin of Santa Claus?

Where is the Bridge of Sighs?

Where does Velvet come from?

When were Christmas Cards first sent?

Why does New York have so many Skyscrapers?

What is Esperanto?

When were Fixed-Time Traffic Lights invented?

When and where was Cricket first played?

Why are Wedding Rings made of Gold?

What is Inflation?

Where did Rugby Football begin?

When were Ice Creams invented?

What is a Warlock?

When was the World’s largest Painting made?

When did Woolworth’s begin?

What is a Flying Buttress?

Where would you hunt for the Abominable Snowman?

When did Shakespeare write his Plays?

Why was Chien Shiung Wu called ‘The Dragon Lady’?

Why is Leonardo da Vinci so famous?

Where did Calendars begin?

When was Big Ben built?

What is a Baroque?

Why are Monks Tonsured?

Where is the Whispering Gallery?

When was Braille invented?

What are the Small Hours?

Why did Monasteries had Herb Gardens?

When were the first cigarettes made?

What is the Tennessee Valley Authority?

Why do we need Passports?

Who first used Keys?

When was Mah Jongg first played?

What is the Koran?

Where is the Levant?

What is Perfect Pitch?

When is a Person Excommunicated?

How do Fingerprints differ?

Where is the Little Mermaid?

Why do Sikhs wear Turbans?

What are Tarot Cards?

When is Twelfth Night?

Why do Fashions in Clothes change?

Where would you look for a Yard of Ale?

What is the Marathon?

What are Cockroaches?

Why do school buses open their doors at railway crossings?

When did the Newspapers came into existence?

Where are Catacombs found?

Who established the Peace Corps?

What is a Witch Doctor?

When was Stonehenge built?

Where was Soccer first played?

Why do we have Easter Eggs?

Why are U-bends used in Plumbing?

Where was Robinson Crusoe’s Island?

Who discovered the Source of the Nile?

Where is the Lost Continent?

When was the first Thanksgiving Day observed?

What is a Guerrilla?

Where is the Cresta Run?

Why is the Ganges considered to be sacred?

What are Identikit and Photofit?

What is a Madrigal?

Where is the Alhambra?

Where did Baseball begin?

When was the first workable Ballpoint Pen Patented?

When were Knives and Forks invented?

Where does the word Barbecue come from?

What is a Plebian?

What does Perfume consist of?

What kind of a Person is a Lotus-Eater?

What is the America’s Cup?

Why is Confucius so admired?

What is a Mandarin?

How did Picasso become famous?

When is an Overture played?

Where is the Quarter-Deck of a Ship?

Why do some People not eat Meat?

When were Beauty Spots in Fashion?

What do people do on Easter Monday?

How is Easter Monday celebrated in United States of America?

What is a Red Letter Day?