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Posted by on Jul 18, 2015 in Tell Me Why Numerous Questions and Answers |

Why Does a Cat like to Play with Yarn?

Why Does a Cat like to Play with Yarn?

A cat likes to chase anything that moves. If you pull a ball of yarn with little tugs, a cat might pretend it is a mouse and pounce on it. If you put a ball of yarn close to a cat’s stomach, the cat might think the mouse is ready to fight. The cat will then kick the ball with its back claws.

It’s their natural prey instincts at work. Anything small and rapidly moving becomes a practice ground for testing their skills. A cat will crouch and stealthily sneak up on their “prey”, pounce on it, and then agile little paws will dart out, trying to grab the prize as it wiggles away.

Some say it has to do with the wiggling, writhing, slithering motion of snakes. Cats in the wild would attack snakes to chase them out of their territory, because the snakes would presumably eat up any available prey. This is how many wild cats kill their food.

Content for this question contributed by Karen Watkins, resident of Ben Lomond, Santa Cruz County, California, USA