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Posted by on Oct 21, 2015 in Tell Me Why Numerous Questions and Answers |

Why Does Your Stomach Rumble When You’re Hungry?

Why Does Your Stomach Rumble When You’re Hungry?

The rumbling of your stomach when you are hungry is caused by the churning movements of the stomach muscles. When you eat, food goes into your stomach, where digestive juices break it down.

At the same time, the muscles in your stomach churn the food to speed up the digestive process. You usually eat your meals at the same time each day, and your stomach becomes accustomed to this schedule.

If you do not eat at your usual mealtime, the churning action may begin anyway. With no food going into your stomach, all that churning can get noisy.

There’s actually a scientific word for the noises your stomach makes. It’s called borborygmi after a Greek word (borborygmus) that’s an onomatopoeia: a word that imitates the sound of what it describes!

If you get tired of rumbling of your stomach, eat several smaller meals each day rather than a few large ones. Keeping more food in your stomach throughout the day will help to quiet those annoying noises!

Content for this question contributed by Scott Schilling, resident of Pendleton, Umatilla County, Oregon, USA