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About Us

Our experience includes:image_about_Us6

  • Tutorial Classes

  • Classroom Teaching

  • Home Schooling

  • School Group Classes

We look forward to provide educational resources of excellence throughout the globe for privileged as well as under privileged children.

Workbooks are written for teachers / tutors as well as working parents by experienced, qualified and passionate educators for children to encourage autonomous thinking and bring application to the task for the betterment of young developing minds.

Workbooks are quality tested by the school teachers before being launched commercially in order to ensure accuracy and relevance.

For schools, tutors and teachers:
Our resources can supplement classroom program providing quality worksheets for the class accordingly.

For parents and guardians:
Our resources provide stimulating activities at home extending children’s thinking abilities and enhances the classroom learning resources underlines various topics , selected on the basis of school curriculum. One of the beauties of home schooling is you aren’t always bound to the rules of school. You can take recess at 9 a.m. or have math class at dinnertime.

Whether you are a mom teaching your little one Bible Study after math class or a mom teaching a super special sweetie special education, you can get favorite fun activities to incorporate into your school day.

Are you aware that students can loose up to 25% of their reading and math skills during short vacations or during break away from academics?

While the freedom away from school during any Summer/Winter Break can be a wonderful time in your child’s life, the reality is children will experience learning loss if they don’t practice the skills they developed during the school year.

That is why we created Juniors monthly e-workbook series, a valuable investment in your child’s future, which is a fun, entertaining educational program to help your child review skills learned during the previous school year and prepare them for the challenges of the next.

Unlike many resources, our workbooks are not intended to kill time or just to keep children busy, instead they are designed in such a way that makes little ones crave for more as they get habitual to there presence. We hope you and your child enjoy Juniors monthly e-workbook series!