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Posted by on Jul 20, 2008 in Articles |

Childish Dreams

Childish_DreamsIt is very natural for children to have dreams for their future, but they do not think the way an adult does.

They don’t give any thought to the practical aspects of the following a particular profession, like the hard work, obstacles, expenses, time or skills involved.

What they have, instead, is innocent optimism. The future, for them is still magical and rosy, and they believe all their wishes will come true unaware of the cruel world.

If a child enjoys playing soccer, it seems natural to them that he or she should grow up into a grand foot ball star. When your child tells you of his dreams, don’t try to set him or her straight. Respect his or her confident hopes for the future, and play along.

As a child grows up, he or she will gradually learn to assess his or her real strengths and limitations, and how the world really works.