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Posted by on Jul 18, 2008 in Articles |

Fathers have a Vital role to Play too!

Fathers_Have_A_Vital_Role_To_PlayA father’s influence in early life helps children grow up as compassionate human beings of excellent character.

As a father you should take special care in matters related to your children.

Participate in parent –teacher meetings arranged at your children’s school. Spend time with your children and tell them stories.

Your indulgence with little ones is surely going to reward as they will no doubt excel in their studies as well as extra curricular activities.

Gone are the days when child rearing was the sole responsibility of mothers. Feeding children, taking them to school, carrying them around, playing with them, telling stories, and taking them to the park.

Father’s involvement allows children to develop a strong emotional bond with their father, which will bring about great qualitative changes in the child’s personality.

A father is a hero like figure for his or her child; therefore a father should try to be a role model by always setting a good example. A good father allows freedom to his or her children, but remains firm with them as well.

Psychologists say that most of the problems of the younger generation arise out of lack of intimacy and due to communication gap. A father who sits down with his or her children and listens to their doubts and problems would definitely instill a great deal of confidence in them.

A father’s involvement in the daily affairs of a child would also give much relief to his or her mother!