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Posted by on Jul 20, 2008 in Articles |

How can a Parent play a fruitful role, in a Child’s Education?

parents_role_in_childs_educationEncourage the child to ask questions, to begin with, as every child’s mind is full of questions, which are his or her keys to enter the world of knowledge. Let your child grow up without fearing to ask questions.

Nurturing a love for reading is also an important step in this direction; a good reader is always a better learner, so it is better to introduce the reading habit right in the early years. Make a wide variety of books available to your child.

These could range from small story telling books to colorful educational magazines.

Maintain a healthy relation with child’s school and keep track of what your child is learning at school, and try to supplement whatever he learns by linking it to actual reality.

Plan short educational trips to museums and historical places, also, browse the internet to show your child more about things he learns at school and to show more pictures.

Encourage applied learning, whenever possible, which helps the child to consider whatever he has learnt at school and find its application in the real world. Give proper attention to wholesome learning. That is, exploring matters outside the school syllabus. This could be anything, from music lessons, to creative craft.

This kind of extra exposure would break the monotony of classroom teaching and are helpful in overall development of your child; as such ‘learning’ gives him a chance to discover new talents in himself, which will boost his confidence, but make it sure that these activities are in tune with your child’s interests.