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Posted by on Jun 17, 2008 in Articles |

How Do We Make Young Ones Stop Lying?

How Do We Make Young Ones Stop Lying?

Telling_LiesThere are many reasons for children to lie just for the purpose of meeting there demands or to get attention. “Five year old Divij came crying to his mother, Lakshay hit me, he sobbed and cried. But when Lakshay told his side of the story, it was clear that Divij had a little altercation with Lakshay and he was the one who started the fight.

Why does my son Divij lies? worried mother starts to think.

There are many reasons why children tell lies. It may be from fear of punishment or to escape from answer someone. Children also lie to save their pride or to get what they think cant be obtained easily.

“A child will think, if i tell mom i didn’t got cheese cake earlier, maybe mom will give me one more’ We must remember that children are very creative and imaginative. A lie may mean harmless desire to show off. A little one can be manipulative too though sometimes don’t realize they could be in trouble for their actions or would have to face strict and stern behavior of his parents or friends. There is a very fine line between fantasy and reality in a child’s mind.

How do we make young ones stop lying?

Children should be made to understand that no one likes people who tell lies, for lies can do great harm. Parents should always encourage and give children the confidence to be open and frank with them. Reward a child who admits his wrong doings or mistakes after pin-pointing his or her mistakes, this will lead him under secure umbrella.

Inspire a child to always tell truth by narrating real life incidents or telling stories about great men and other mythological heroes who took pride in being truthful always. Children try to copy their parents, if he listens to your telephone conversations or catches you talking to your neighbor and if he or she hears you telling a lie to avoid meeting or talking they will never understand that to lie is wrong.

“If you catch children lying don’t panic or make issue of it. Explain that is wrong, let them always feel loved and cared for and in time your little one will not feel the need to lie