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Posted by on Jul 8, 2008 in Articles |

Parent Teacher Meetings

parent teacher meetingWhy should we go to school and speak to the teacher? Interacting with your child’s schoolteacher is as important as finding a good school for your child. Studies show that when parents maintain contact with teachers, students perform better at school.

Parent Teacher Meetings help both parents and children as well as the teachers, these meetings will help you to understand child more, and teach you about child’s behavior in the classroom, his or her interaction with other children, and popularity among other children.

Child feels more confident feels more secure and desires to do his or her best, since it is very difficult for the teacher to remember each and every child in a hugely populated class, meetings with parents will help the teacher to know your child on a personal level, and develop more interest in him or her.

In many cases, the positive and negative qualities of children are mirrored in the parents, and it is easy for the teacher to spot these, lenient parents as well as strict parents meet with teachers and observation by the teachers lead in building healthy relations confiding in the parents.

Behavioral problems can be achieved and corrected if a healthy parent teacher interaction is nurtured properly. When the parents and teachers, important role models in a child’s life work together, the child is bound to grow up to be a well adjusted individual!