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Posted by on Jul 20, 2008 in Articles |

Promoting Talents

Promoting_talentsToday, with so much progress all around parents are fully aware of the importance of developing their children’s talents.

A child’s talents are mainly determined by two factors: Heredity and Experience. Even the talents a child inherits can be said to develop through the various experiences he or she has. Experiences have a great role to play in developing talents and skills.

Presence of parents and adequate opportunities to play with peers are considered essential in child rearing. The proper growth of children requires concentration. Young children adapt very quickly and learn very fast, also gain a lot of primary knowledge from bears.

Most parents think that to learn means only to read write and recite. It’s true that all these are important and help children with all-round development, the confidence and joy that a child gains through learning does have long term benefits during his or her lifetime.

Studies show that it is very beneficial if mothers keep talking to their children, helping them learning. As they reach three years, children become capable of imitation and imagination. Parents should spend some quality time with them to help them acquire new skills and abilities.