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Posted by on Jun 7, 2015 in Raising Skills |

Stopping Bad Words from the Mouths of Children

Stopping Bad Words from the Mouths of Children

stopping bad words from the mouths of children “My son who is just six years old uses bad words in his conversation. He is often putting me to shame in front of guests and even within my family!”

Children learn the maximum number of words between the ages three and six, and at this stage they are unable to differentiate between words that have a “good” and “bad” meaning.

They pickup bad words by listening to grownups, friends, or from the cinema and television. When foul words come from the mouths of innocent children, grown-ups are usually shocked, and in turn children find this reaction funny.

Some children use foul language just to show off or pose as a hero in front of other children. Some use such words just for fun, even though they are fully aware that they should not do so.

Yet others use bad words when they are faced with emotional problems like anger, sorrow, frustration etc. This is also a means to gain the attention of parents.

Children have a tendency to do what they are told not to do. They are most likely to give up using such foul language if parents pay no attention to it. Just ignore it altogether if the child does it only rarely, but frequent repetition of this habit is definitely to be controlled.

Take care never to encourage the use of indecent words by laughing. Simple punishments, like not allowing the child to watch a favourite cartoon programme, might also help.

When a child uses foul language in front of others, don’t lose your temper but explain to him or her ill effects which are very detrimental for them.