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Posted by on Jul 14, 2009 in Articles |

Something to do all Summer

When summer arrives each year, many schools around the country are out for a summer holiday. This means a lot of students are taken out of their regular routine and left to develop a new summer schedule. It’s a parent’s job to make sure this transition goes smoothly and that your children have something to do all summer.

Here are a few summer ideas for kids you can consider:

* Join or start a summer book club/ reading club
* Enroll your child in a summer camp
* Start a collection together- then learn more about what you’re collecting
* Visit the zoo- be sure to exlpore and talk about what you see there
* Visit museums- art museums, science museums, history museums
* Go biking- make a day of it and pack water and go together
* Go fishing
* Visit the park
* Go to the public library- they usually have summer programs going on as well
* Create a play or skit with your child and neighborhood kids
* Do community service/ volunteer
* Start or keep a summer journal together- write about all the things you do and learn
* Clean the house, garage or specific room of the house together
* Play games together
* Write letters to friends and family

Now that you have these great summer fun ideas, you can start planning summer for your own children. Your family might even find that you create traditions that stay with you year after year. These special memories will help shape and develop who your children grow up to be.