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Posted by on Feb 11, 2009 in Articles |

When should Kids use Deodarant

kids deodarantA few years ago my wife and I had a serious debate on whether or not to allow our 8 year old daughter to wear deodorant. Alzheimer’s runs in my wife’s family so she is concerned about the aluminum contained in most deodorants. Parabens have been linked with breast cancer which is also an ingredient in most deodorants.

Propylene Glycol is a main ingredient also contained in even so called “natural deodorants” which is also used to make anti freeze. Propylene Glycol enters the skin so quickly that the EPA has warned factory workers to avoid skin contact in order to prevent brain, liver, and kidney abnormalities.

So in my opinion it isn’t when kids or anyone else should use deodorant but what deodorant to use. I have done a lot of research on when kids should start using deodorant. In my opinion if the kids are using a safe natural deodorant it should be whenever the children begin to develop odor that showering once a day will not contain.

This can be 5 years old or earlier in some cases. I have spoke to preschool teachers who year after year have a large percentage students who do have body odor. I have read many conflicting articles that link or do not link body odor with puberty. I honestly think that it has very little to do with puberty at all.

Instead I think it has more to do with diets. Not that an unhealthy diet will make a child smell and a healthy diet will not. I think it has a lot more to do with spices that are used in the meals. It also has to do with how active the children are. In conclusion kids should start using deodorant whenever they need to.

However, be very careful about the deodorant you choose. Find a deodorant that has no Aluminum, Parabens, or Propylene Glycol. I have found Junior Varsity’s Kids Deodorant to be a great option. You can visit their site at