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Posted by on Jul 16, 2008 in Articles |

Why so much Home Work?

why_so_much_homeworkAfter working all day long in office, I have to take care of household chores as well as children pester me with their homework, why should I have anything to do with that? Aren’t they supposed to do homework themselves?”

This is what an exhausted mother has to say about the pile of homework her children bring home.

What she says does have some logic on the other hand child psychologists are of the opinion that it is not proper for parents to totally ignore their children’s homework.

A recent study conducted in the U.S. showed that children who do their homework with their parent’s help tend to perform better in their studies.

Home assignments are given to promote the mental and intellectual growth of children, and parents should not do them, child gains the confidence as he or she finishes the assignment.

Just keep a vigilant eye on them and fix a regular time for doing homework. Some children might prefer early morning hours and others might choose the late hours during evening.

Once a time table is set, the next thing to do is decide the place to do the assignments. The place should have nothing that might distract the child’s attention, like the television set, telephone etc.

Doing home work on their own is what you want, so never under estimate their skills and never discourage them instead help by clearing the doubts the child might come to you with.

Once the child finishes the assignment, you could check on what has been done. Home assignments should also instill in children a sense of responsibility that leads to a feeling of self reliance.