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Posted by on Nov 4, 2011 in Learning Resources, Movement Activities |

Body Movement Suggestions

Body movements are planned to help children move smoothly and safely through space and to effect the high levels of control necessary for fine coordination skills.

The following whole-body activities will be enjoyed by children at times throughout the day. They may be used with only fingers and hands or by encompassing the whole body.

.Balancing like a cat walking along a fence

.Bending like a tree branch in a brisk wind

.Hopping like birds looking for worms

.Fluttering gracefully like butterflies

.Chasing your tail like a puppy

.Crawling like a mouse into a hole; crawling to grab cheese

.Creeping like a caterpillar and making a bumpy motion

.Climbing up a tree; up a ladder; over a wall

.Dancing on tiptoes like a wound-up doll or clown

.Dancing like elves on the lawn

.Flopping in the wind like a scarecrow

.Falling leaves in autumn

.Hopping like a toad or rabbit

.Jumping like a grasshopper or cricket

.Curling up like a sleepy kitten

.Scampering like mice

.Putting presents under a tree like Santa

.Rocking on a rocking horse or back and forth

.Running like a beetle

.Skating on the sidewalk or on ice

.Snowing softly; making a snowman or snowwoman

.Hiding nuts like a squirrel

.Striding like a giant taking long heavy steps

.Throwing a ball and catching it

.Bouncing a ball

.Turning like a slow wheel

.Twirling like a top

.Waddling like ducks going to a lake for a swim

.Walking in the mud; up a hill; fast; slow

.Wiggling like a worm