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Posted by on May 9, 2011 in Learning Resources, Practical Activities |

Growing new Plants from Leaves!

Bryophyllum_CuttingExample 1: You will need: Bryophyllum cutting, pot and potting soil, glass.

What you do:

.Plant the tip of a bryophllum leaf (point where it attaches to the stem) in the soil.

.Keep moist. Invert the glass over the leaf so that it will serve as a miniature greenhouse until the new tiny plants arrive.

african violet cuttingExample 2: You will need: juice glass, water wax paper, violet cutting, pot and potting soil.

What you do:

.Partially fill a juice glass with water.

.Put a wax paper cover over it.

.Punch a hole in the wax paper and insert the short stem of a leaf cut from a violet plant.

.Be sure the end of the stem is immersed in the water.