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Posted by on May 23, 2011 in Language Activities, Learning Resources |

Listening Skills Playhouse

.A listening skills playhouse is a terrific addition to any classroom and it is well worth your time to construct one.

.Locate a large appliance box.

.Often large appliance stores will be happy to accommodate you.

.Cut a door and two windows out of the box.

.Decorate the cardboard box so it looks like a playhouse.

.Pillows are placed inside the box.

.Explain to the children that this is a quiet playhouse.

.It is a place where children can talk to each other, read stories and play quiet games.

.The children will delight in having this special house in their classroom.


.Have one or two children go in the house.

.The teacher whispers things to the child through the windows.

.The child then opens the windows and whispers things back to you.