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Posted by on Aug 1, 2016 in Learning Resources, Movement Activities |

Monster Bubbles

You will need: 1 metal coat hanger, bottle of bubbles, 1 pizza pan.

What you do: Monster_Bubbles

.Pour the bubbles into the pizza pan.

.Bend the coat hanger out into a circle and use the “hook” as a handle.

.Dip your monster bubble wand into the bubbles and watch the biggest bubbles in the world appear.

Bubble Recipe:

.If you wish to make your own bubbles, here is a good recipe: 1 gallon cold water, 1 cup liquid detergent. (Allow this to sit overnight in a cool place.)

.Add 2 tablespoons liquid glycerin. (Glycerin is available at the pharmacy.)

Additional Wand Ideas:

.Use the plastic rings from a six-pack of soda pop, rings from canning jars, and plastic rings cut from various sized plastic lids (margarine lids, coffee lids).

.Let the children experiment with blowing bubbles from different sized rings.