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Posted by on Sep 15, 2011 in Fine Motor Activities, Learning Resources |

Name Plates

Name_Plates*You Will Need: one 9″ into 4″ strip of manila paper per child; scissors; pencil; ruler; crayons.

*Show the children how to fold the paper in half (as shown in the picture).

*Children who are able to print their own names can do so in pencil on one side of the card.

*They can then write over it in crayon.

*The teacher should print the names for the children who are unable to print their names by themselves.

*Those children can trace their names in crayon also.

*The children could decorate their name plates with glitter, stickers or anything else that you might have on hand.

*Use the name plates for snack time, group time, circle time, etc.

*The children will enjoy finding their names and learning to recognize the names of their friends.