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Posted by on Mar 13, 2015 in News 4 Kids |

Editor receives angry voicemail from a boy after newspaper stops printing comics

An eight-year-old boy gave an Indiana newspaper editor a profanity-laced earful after the Herald-Times stopped printing the Peanuts comic and a dozen others.

“We had replaced 13 comics in the colour-comic section, and some were his favorites. It had ruined his day,” Editor-in-chief Bob Zaltsberg said in a post Monday.

The boy called the staff “idiots, jerks and s—holes.” Zaltsberg said he received the angry voicemail Monday and called the boy and his mother back the following day.

“His mom told me he admitted to her he hadn’t been as nice as he should have been on his voice message,” Zaltsberg said. Zaltsberg said he asked the mother’s permission to post the voicemail.