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Posted by on Feb 13, 2015 in NewsForKids |

Professor Dumpster Lived in the Dustbin for One Year

Professor Dumpster Lived in the Dustbin for One Year

It may sound like a rubbish place to live in for a year, but for one academic, a skip was home in an effort to promote sustainability.

Jeff Wilson, of Huston-Tillotson University, lived in the dustbin for one year to show his students that human beings can live with less. He shared his journey via Instagram including pictures of visits from Nasa camp children and the makeover of the “dumpster”.

Prof Wilson – dubbed Professor Dumpster – even added solar panels and air conditioning to the skip which is on the university’s campus in Austin, Texas. His students also helped add storage under a false floor and Prof Wilson painted the walls an eggshell colour, according to Inquisitr.

As he was moving out, Prof Wilson told Time Warner Cable News that he was launching ‘Home School’ to encourage others working in education in Texas to live in the skip for a night? He said the aim of the project was to show that “less stuff equals less noise in your life, which equals more moments. You just have so much more moments in life”.

The professor moved out of the skip on Wednesday but there will be more tenants, he told TWCN. It was reported that Betty Jenkins, Blackshear Elementary School Principal would spend the night in the skip followed by an employee from Ann Richards School in the state.