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Posted by on Jan 23, 2015 in TellMeWhy |

Does Moss Grow Only on  North Side of Trees?

Does Moss Grow Only on North Side of Trees?

Why does moss grow only on the north side of trees? No, moss not only grow on the north side of trees. But moss often grows on the north side of trees because that is the side which gets little or no sunlight. Mosses are tiny plants that usually live in damp, shady places.

Moss dries out and dies in direct sunlight. But in dark, moist forests, moss grows all around the trunks of trees.

A hardy plant, it has been found in habitats ranging from the humid tropics to the polar regions, fallen logs to lakes, rivers and streams.

In fact, moss has been found just about everywhere, except in salt water. Moss is a relatively uncomplicated plant, lacking the leaves, stems, roots and buds we often associate with “vascular plants” such as ferns, pine trees and flowers.

As a non-vascular plant, the body of moss has no roots; rather, it uses tiny threads to anchor itself to the stones, trees or ground where it grows. The tiny moss plants grow closely together, forming thick green carpets on damp soil and rocks, as well as on trees.

The plant’s habit of growing compactly together makes it possible for them to hold large quantities of water in storage, giving them a sponge like quality.

Is Moss Good or bad? In every way you can think of, moss is far superior than the grass you’re trying to grow. It retains moisture for your garden. It does not require any mowing or the application of herbicides or pesticides. Moss is a great home for beneficial insects.

Content for this question contributed by Michael Ivanusic, resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA