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Posted by on Aug 24, 2015 in TellMeWhy |

Does the Giraffe Have a Voice?

Does the Giraffe Have a Voice?

Does the Giraffe Have a Voice? Yes, giraffes do have voices and they do make a variety of sounds, including moos, roars, snorts, hisses, and grunts. But they use their voices so seldom that most people have never heard them. Their voices can be very soft.

When caring for their young, giraffes sometimes make a low moo sound, almost like a cow. Giraffes make a loud snort when they become frightened. They have also been heard to grunt, whimper, and bleat.

The giraffe’s low, throaty voice is so soft that the sounds it makes often go unnoticed. Giraffes usually don’t use their voices to “talk” to each other. Compared to other animals, the giraffe’s larynx, or voice box is not very well-developed.

Giraffes are often the early warning signal for other savanna animals: if a giraffe herd starts to run, everyone else does, too! Studies suggest giraffes vocalize below the level of human hearing and perhaps use this sound for long-distance communication.

Content for this question contributed by Charles Krause, resident of York, known as the White Rose City, York County, Pennsylvania, USA