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Posted by on Nov 16, 2015 in TellMeWhy |

How Are Cornflakes Made?

How Are Cornflakes Made?

Cornflakes are made from corn. Each kernel of corn is ground into several pieces called “grits.” Each grit will eventually become a single corn flake. The grits are mixed with flavoring and cooked in giant stainless steel cookers. The cooked grits are then passed between heavy rollers that flatten each grit into a single thin flake.

Next, the flakes are toasted to make them crisp and tender. Now they have their familiar golden brown color and good flavor. Finally, the cornflakes are sealed in packages especially designed to preserve their crispness and flavor. Every step in the manufacturing of breakfast cereal is carefully monitored for quality.

Since cereal is a food intended for human consumption, sanitation is essential. The machines used are made from stainless steel, which can be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized with hot steam. Grain is inspected for any foreign matter when it arrives at the factory, when it is cooked, and when it is shaped.

To ensure proper cooking and shaping, the temperature and moisture content of the cereal is constantly monitored. The content of vitamins and minerals is measured to ensure accurate nutrition information. Filled packages are weighed to ensure that the contents of each box are consistent.

In order to label boxes with an accurate shelf life, the quality of stored cereal is tested over time. In order to be able to monitor freshness over a reasonable period of time, the cereals are subjected to higher than normal temperatures and humidity’s in order to speed up the spoiling process.

Content for this question contributed by Maureen McCauley, resident of Longmeadow, Hampden County, Massachusetts, USA