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Posted by on Nov 15, 2015 in TellMeWhy |

How Do Apple Blossoms Turn into Apples?

How Do Apple Blossoms Turn into Apples?

How Do Apple Blossoms Turn into Apples? When you eat an apple, you are eating, the fleshy seed case of the tree. Before an apple tree can bear apples, the tree must bloom. The purpose of the blossom is to produce seeds which will grow to be new apple trees.

The leaves on the apple tree change sunlight into food for the tree which helps the apples grow.

The base of the blossom is enlarged and is called the “ovary.” (This is the part that will grow into a juicy apple.) Inside the ovary are the beginnings of apple seeds.

Once the blossom has been pollinated by bees and other insects, the petals dry up and fall off. The growing seeds are left behind in the ovary, which now enlarges and matures into an apple ready to eat.

Did You Know? Inside the apple are seeds which can grow into new apple trees. All through autumn the apple tree loses its leaves because it is a deciduous plant. In winter the tree is bare and it rests until spring when new tiny buds start opening.

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