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Posted by on Jun 13, 2016 in TellMeWhy |

How Do Trees Grow Tall?

How Do Trees Grow Tall?

How Do Trees Grow Tall? Trees don’t grow taller by growing from the bottom. Carve your initials in a tree and they will still be the same height from the ground ten years later. All of a tree’s growth takes place through leaf buds at the top of the trunk and at the tips of the branches.

In the spring, the leaf buds grow and stretch out into leafy twigs or new branches as they increase the height of the tree and the length of the branches. At the same time, a layer of growing tissue just under the bark adds a new layer of wood around the tree and makes the trunk and branches grow thicker.

The leaves and branches grow at the top, as the lower branches tend to die off unless someone or something does a bit of pruning and activates new growth. Basically, it is growing towards the light of the sun until its life span is reached. The new growth is at the tips of the branches.

The buds we see in winter are the basis of the next season’s growth. The buds elongate and produce new branches. The branches and trunk increase in width by producing a new layer of sap-carrying cells outside the previous year’s layer, just below the bark. The root system grows in the opposite direction, from the ends of the root tips.

Content for this question contributed by Mike Setzer, resident of Florence, Boone County, Kentucky, USA