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Posted by on Dec 20, 2015 in TellMeWhy |

How does a Broken Bone Heal itself?

How does a Broken Bone Heal itself?

Bones are flexible enough to give a bit when physical force is applied, but if that force is too great, they’ll snap like a plastic ruler bent too far. Luckily, they also repair themselves naturally.

When you break a bone, new bone cells start growing almost immediately in the area of the break, to repair the bone.

These cells cover both ends of the broken part of the bone and close up the break. When these new bone cells meet, they weave together, like a web. After a few weeks of this cell growth, the broken bone is repaired.

As soon as possible after a break, a doctor will place the broken ends together so that they will heal properly. The doctor may also put a cast around the break to keep the broken ends in place.

Large bones, like the ones in your legs, usually take longer to heal than small bones, like the ones in your fingers.

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