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Posted by on Oct 5, 2015 in TellMeWhy |

How Does the Air Fryer Work?

How Does the Air Fryer Work?

How Does the Air Fryer Work? The air fryer uses a unique patented combination of high-speed air circulation, with a top grill, called Rapid Air technology. The Rapid Air technology makes the hot air circulate very rapidly around the ingredients in the basket.

This heats up the ingredients in the basket from all sides at once, making it a healthy, fast and easy method to prepare tasty food. Food prepared in the air fryer is deliciously crispy on the outside, without being dry on the inside.

Conventional deep fat fryers use oil to heat the food and create the crispy layer. The air fryer does not need frying oil. The food is only heated by the circulating hot air.

When you air fry French fries, the fries prepared contain up to 80% less fat compared to fries prepared in a deep-fat fryer. When you prepare homemade French fries, the fat percentage can get as low as 1.5%.

With the air fryer, you can easily prepare your favorite foods in a fast way. Three hundred grams of French fries can be prepared in as little as twelve minutes. The timer will switch off the air fryer automatically after the set preparation time. You can start hot air frying in a cold appliance.

Content for this question contributed by Robyn Cushard, resident of Erlanger, Kentucky, USA