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What Did Sir Robert Walpole Contribute To?

What Did Sir Robert Walpole Contribute To?

What Did Sir Robert Walpole Contribute To? British statesman Sir Robert Walpole lived from 1676 to 1745. He was appointed First Lord of the Treasury and Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1721, positions he held for more than twenty years, an extraordinarily long tenure by any measure. He therefore had the position of government leader. After the South Sea Bubble financial crisis, he was instrumental in helping to rebuild government credit during this time.

Insisting that it be the home of the First Lord of the Treasury rather than being given to him personally, Walpole lived in 10 Downing Street starting in 1735. In 1733, he faced a significant problem over his tax proposals thanks to royal support, but in 1742, he was forced to quit due to a confluence of the Prince of Wales’ resistance and a deteriorating foreign political situation.

He was elevated to the peerage by George II and given the title of Earl of Orford. Until the King’s passing in 1745, he remained a close friend.

Sir Robert Walpole, who is frequently regarded as the first British prime minister, was referred to by his adversaries as the “Screen-Master General” because of his prowess in manipulating politics. In order to support the Hanoverian monarchy, he took many steps to boost national economy. His efforts to keep Britain out of other countries’ wars included helping to create the cabinet’s accountability to Parliament. He resigned in 1739, nevertheless, after being compelled to engage in battle with Spain.

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