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Posted by on Mar 17, 2021 in TellMeWhy |

What Does Saint Mean?

What Does Saint Mean?

Saint, in Christianity, is a person who is especially holy or religious, has shown a great love of God during their lifetime and led a very saintly life. Today, members of the Roman Catholic Church can be created saints or canonized after an investigation into their life. If the pope approves the findings, the candidate is beatified or declared to be among the blessed. Proof of other miracles is needed for full canonization.

But as it is used in the Bible, the term saint has a different meaning. In its basic sense, a saint is a “holy one” set apart for God’s particular purposes. As a result, every follower of Jesus Christ is a saint. To understand that every follower of Christ is a saint, we can look at it from two different but complementary angles. The first is our position before God.

The second angle in knowing is our experience. In other words, because of our status as “holy ones,” our lives should reflect that reality. You are a saint, a “holy one,” if you have turned away from your sins and trusted in Jesus and what he has done on the cross.

Now we surely do know what does saint mean? It means God has set you apart for his purposes in this world and sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in you. The Holy Spirit is at work in you to transform your life so that you reflect the ultimate holy one, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Content for this question contributed by Cody Keslinger, resident of Lakeland, Polk County, Florida, USA