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What Is Iodoform Used For?

What Is Iodoform Used For?

What Is Iodoform Used For? Iodoform is the organ iodine compound with the formula CHI3. A pale yellow, crystalline, volatile substance, it has a penetrating odor (in older chemistry texts, the smell is sometimes referred to as the smell of hospitals) and, analogous to chloroform, sweetish taste. It is occasionally used as a disinfectant.

It is also known as tri-iodomethane, carbon triiodide, and methyl triiodide. Around the beginning of the 20th century it was used in medicine as a healing and antiseptic dressing for wounds and sores, although this use is now superseded by superior antiseptics.

Adolf Hitler’s mother, Klara Hitler, died of iodoform poisoning brought on by her treatment for breast cancer. It is the active ingredient in many ear powders for dogs and cats, along with zinc oxide and propanoic acid, which are used to prevent infection and facilitate removal of ear hair.

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