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Where Does Table Salt Come From?

Where Does Table Salt Come From?

Where Does Table Salt Come From? Every type of salt comes from a deposit that is created when salt water evaporates, part of a geological process in which an ocean or salt-water lake dried up many millions of years ago and sediments were laid down.

Sometimes this salt can be found on the surface of the earth, such as the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

Much of the table salt we use comes from salt beds deep in the ground. These great salt beds were formed by the drying up of ancient seas. This salt is called “rock salt” and is mined in much the same way that coal is mined.

A well can also be drilled down to the salt. Water is then pumped down to dissolve the salt below.

The salty water is pumped back out and boiled in enormous pans. The water evaporates, leaving the salt behind. Salt is also obtained by allowing sea-water to flow into shallow ponds. Then the sun evaporates the water, leaving salt.

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