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Posted by on Aug 20, 2015 in TellMeWhy |

Why Do Sharks Attack People?

Why Do Sharks Attack People?

Why Do Sharks Attack People? Sometimes sharks attack people by mistake; they actually think they’re biting a fish or a seal. Other attacks happen when humans stray into an area of the sea that the shark considers its own. The shark hits back to defend its territory.

Some experts say non-fatal attacks can also happen when the shark takes a bite, then swims away to allow you to bleed to death. At this point most humans are rescued by people nearby.

According to the biologists, there are four basic types of shark attacks on humans. The first and, by far, the most common are provoked attacks. These occur when people in some way touch, or otherwise disturb, sharks. Fishermen removing sharks from their nets, for example, might lose a finger or limb if not careful.

Unprovoked attacks can happen in three principal ways. The most frequent of this type are hit-and-run attacks — when the shark grabs, releases and leaves the scene. The shark could be investigating the individual, thinking he or she was its usual prey.

It might also perceive the individual as a threat, similar to how a more aggressive, yet fearful, dog could attack anyone who mistakenly treads on its turf.

The two other types of unprovoked attacks are sneak attacks, when a deep-sea shark moves upon a diver unawares; and, finally, bump-and-bite attacks, when a shark head-butts a person before it takes a bite.

Content for this question contributed by Becky Gentile, resident of Aliquippa, Beaver County, Pennsylvania, USA