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Posted by on Jul 7, 2015 in Tell Me Why |

Why Do We Blink Our Eyes?

Why Do We Blink Our Eyes?

Blinking keeps our eyes clean and healthy. Our eyes are constantly being washed by the salty fluid known as tears. Tears come from glands that are located behind the upper eyelid of each eye.

Every time we blink, our eyelids wipe tears over the eyes. This helps keep our eyes from drying out. Tears usually wash away anything that gets into the eyes, and then drain into the nose through tiny openings.

Usually, this isn’t notice able. When we cry, however, all that extra water makes our noses run. Blinking also keeps eyes safe from potentially damaging stimuli, such as bright lights and foreign bodies like dust.

Content for this question contributed by JP Widmer, resident of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, USA