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Posted by on Jan 19, 2016 in TellMeWhy |

Why Does Ice Cream Make My Teeth Hurt?

Why Does Ice Cream Make My Teeth Hurt?

Sometimes a bit of ice cream will make your teeth hurt or give you an “ice cream” headache. The nerves inside your teeth and in the roof of your mouth are sensitive to cold. When you eat something very cold, these nerves sometimes become chilled.

A reaction to the sudden cooling causes the nerves to flash a pain message to your brain, and you feel a pain in your temple or forehead and your teeth may hurt. Teeth that hurt when you eat freezing food are referred to as sensitive.

In fact, occasionally hot foods may cause pain too. Your “ice cream” headache will go away and your teeth will stop hurting once the nerves warm up again and stop sending the cold-pain messages.

Content for this question contributed by Candy Ostrowski, resident of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA