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Posted by on Jul 12, 2016 in This Happened To Me |

A Big Wake-up Call for Me!

I picked up a gallon of apple juice at local grocery, and on the side of the jug it said, “Contains Concentrate from Made_in_USAChina.” What the heck! America can’t even bottle their apple juice any more? No wonder it tasted terrible!

I’ve had it with all the “Made in China” stuff and I’m not buying anymore. I had a revelation actually around Christmas time when I received some clothing in the mail from the relatives. They all had a label that said, “Made in China,” or “Made in Indonesia.” This is crazy, don’t they make anything in the USA anymore?

I guess not. I typed “Made in USA” in E bay, and the majority of stuff was “dog beds” with occasional, “vintage… Made in USA” tools and kitchenware. They don’t even have “Made in the USA” women’s clothing.

I can remember when I was little; anything we could get from China was party goods or trinkets, such as from the Oriental Trading Company. Anything desirable from China was just the dishes, you know, everyone wanted some “China”. The only thing we got from Mexico was Mexican blankets!

I guess I’ve been “sleeping” all these years, taken care of the kids, and working my butt off, and not even noticing what has been happening in America. This is a big Wake-up Call for me!

Here’s some labels I’ve found on my clothing.

.Blue jeans-made in Madagascar.
.Nightgown-made in Hong Kong
.Christmas pajamas-made in Indonesia.
.Thermal shirts-made in Mexico, some made in Thailand.
.Hanes sweatshirts-made in Mexico.
.T shirts-made in Honduras.
.Turtleneck shirts-made in Guatemala.
.Dickies coveralls-made in Belize.

Wal-Mart seems to be the biggest China dealer around. I’ll bet everything in Wal-Mart is from China. Even when I was looking for some house slippers in the JC Penny’s online catalog, they all said “Made in China”

Everyone knows that stuff made overseas in China, Indonesia, etc. is of poor quality and doesn’t last long, and I’ve known this for many years. I guess that is why it’s cheap.

I am just shocked that it seems everything in my house is Made in China! Buy Made in the USA – Think about it, almost everything you use is made outside USA; let’s buy Made in the USA.