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Posted by on Sep 24, 2009 in This Happened To Me |

Abandoned Kids

Two_Ice_CreamsMy little sister and I had gone out for shopping with my parents to a local market. We had a good time shopping and also played on the swings in the park nearby.

Later we had lunch and then all of us had ice-creams. While we were still licking our ice-creams, our father brought the car out from the parking lot and our mother got inside.

We were told to finish off our ice-creams before sitting inside the car. Meanwhile a few cars had queued up behind our car and to avoid a jam our father drove the car a little further and went out of sight.

We though that our parents had forgotten about us and had left us in the market and we started crying loudly. Since our father couldn’t find a place to halt nearby he took some time in returning but by then a crowd had assembled around us and we got even more scared.

Some of them talked about calling the police and that really frightened us. Fortunately, our father reached just in time and picked us up but not before getting a lot of bad stares and comments from the people.

We were really cross with him but once he explained everything to us we had a great laugh and in the end we got to have two extra ice-creams as compensation.