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Posted by on Dec 15, 2008 in This Happened To Me |

Brand New Cycle

New_CycleI was in the fifth standard and loved cycling. I was hoping that my parents would buy me one very soon.

Not long after that, I stepped out of my house one Saturday and saw a lovely cycle in my veranda, thinking that my parents had bought it for me, I quickly got onto it and began to ride.

But before I could ever reach the compound wall, I heard someone call out. I turned to see my cousins waving frantically.

I turned back, very glad to see them. On the other hand, my cousins had thought that I was a thief who was taking off with their new cycle.

I apologized to them. My cousins stayed with me for the next few days and we had lots of fun together. When they left, I felt very lonely.

Again, the next day, I saw a brand new cycle in my room. This time I waited to see who would be the owner of this new cycle but only my parents walked in.

This time the cycle was really meant for me! I thanked them for the lovely surprise.