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Posted by on Jun 5, 2009 in This Happened To Me |

Cookery Show

PeasAfter watching a cookery show on television, I suddenly thought of preparing something special for my family. Also, as it was a weekend almost everyone in the family were at home.

At the very beginning my mother did not allow, but as I was adamant and she finally agreed.

The dish I planned to make for my family was “Peas Masala”. All the necessary ingredients was given and the method of preparation was also told in detail.

My very first attempt of cooking begun. I was very engrossed in what I was doing and did not allow anyone to interrupt me while I was cooking.

My mother was trying to tell me something many times, but I did not allow her to open her mouth.

The dish was almost ready and I was very happy and proud for completing my first cooking assignment successfully.

I served the dish to everyone in my family. I was eagerly waiting for their comments.

My father said “Everything is good but something is missing!” I too tasted it but could not find what it was. At last my mother opened up saying, “That something missing is nothing but the PEAS, which was boiled and kept aside.”

I didn’t notice that and didn’t allow my mother to tell me when she tried to inform me about it earlier. The whole family burst out laughing and everyone enjoyed my Peas(less) Masala.