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Posted by on Jan 5, 2009 in This Happened To Me |

Extra Bananas

Tasty_TravelOne morning, my father was getting ready to go out of station, for an official trip. He was in a tensed mood.

I asked him how he would go, by bus, train or air. He was very busy, so he didn’t answer my question. He was just eating a banana.

My sister, the “prankster” of the house just told me me that, “It seems that father is going to skate on the banana to Mumbai! How fast, easy and cheap!!”

She said so because just as soon as I asked father how he was going, he began to eat a banana, which seemed as if it was the answer to my question!

I also added, “Papa, take a few extra bananas, just in case you run out of them before you get to Mumbai!” The whole family burst out laughing. It was surely a”tasty travel” isn’t it!