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Posted by on Jul 21, 2008 in This Happened To Me |

Gold Necklace

Gold_NecklaceIt was Diwali. We were celebrating it in my natives place. My mother had worn an expensive gold necklace.

After the Diwali Poojan, she removed it and kept it in her bag. After coming home, she unpacked her bag and she couldn’t find her necklace!

She cried very much that day. She was sure that she had put it in her bag. My father looked for it in the society dustbins too, but it was not there! My whole family came to know about the loss.

On returning from our trip, I emptied my mother’s handbag which she carried with her wherever she went. There was the necklace! It had fallen in the hole which was made by the frequent wear and tear.

That day, my mother was on the top of the world. As it was my birthday that day, we celebrated with pomp and show and she called everyone and told them about the necklace. Everyone was very pleased.