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Posted by on Sep 4, 2008 in This Happened To Me |

House for Sale

For_SaleThis happened once with us, as during the period of economic depression my husband’s earnings dipped very low and to meet the family’s demands we decided to sell of the house to earn extra cash and to pump in my husband’s dying business as well.

Our little children weren’t happy when we put our house up for sale. It meant they had to keep their rooms clean for prospective buyers.

When the buyers stopped coming by, the kids got suspicious. ”I’ve been cleaning my room for three months,” complained our son. ”when is this house going to sell?”

We laughed and told our children we took it off the market one and a half months ago. As my husband took a loan from the bank and we were happy to save our house and were able to inculcate few good habits into our children without pressurizing them.