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Posted by on Jun 22, 2009 in This Happened To Me |

My Aunts Wedding

Aunts_WeddingThis incident took place at my aunt’s wedding. Every adult was busy in something or the other. We were exploring and saw a place where they were opening bottles of Pepsi.

As we were very thirsty we asked the person to send some Pepsi to our room. When we asked the guy again he said to get one of the adults.

We looked for our family members, but in vain no one was ready to come as some rasam/ritual was going on at that time.

So my brother got a little impatient and went and said, “Don’t you know who we are, this hotel has been booked by our family and so shut up and give us the Pepsi or else…” After this we expected that the waiter would be on his way.

We waited and waited and in the end we went to our uncle and told him about the rudeness of the staff, just then the ‘Pepsi’ person was coming down with a huge crowd!

The hotel had booked by two parties at the same time but in different wings and the Pepsi person was the brother of the groom-to-be. We all went inside and I declared “mum’s the word”!