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Posted by on Oct 8, 2008 in This Happened To Me |

Nine Lives

Nine_LivesOne morning, I was playing with my dog, who suddenly barked at the cat and the cat got so frightened that it ran away.

I went after it and found it on the balcony wall, just beyond the railing. I slowly went towards it and tried to get a hold of it. I did manage to grab it, but it was so frightened by the dog that as soon as I caught it, it scratched me.

I released it and it fell straight down to the ground from my first floor balcony. Thankfully, it fell on a tree. It ran away from there and I had no clue if it had any internal injury or even if it was going to survive or not.

It only came back in the evening, perfectly fine! That’s more than enough proof for me that a cat does have nine lives!