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Posted by on Aug 30, 2009 in This Happened To Me |

Sleepy Assembly

School_AssemblyI was in 4th standard. It was time for the morning assembly and as always I was dozing. The assembly was boring, as usual.

The principal was telling everybody about some competition that had been held in the school. Sensing our teacher nearby, I opened my eyes. But still none of my senses were working.

Suddenly I saw that some of my friends were looking at me. Opening my eyes, I looked around and saw everybody’s eyes on me. I felt a push from behind and my friend whispered, “Go to the stage”.

I didn’t want to, but everybody’s eyes forced me to. I knew there was something wrong and as I walked to the stage, I racked my brains to find out what was happening. The stage was nearing by.

I climbed the stairs to the stage and saw the principal looking at me. His gaze made me want to shrink out of existence. The principal spoke, “Congratulations, you have won first prize in the drawing competition and suddenly I was deafened by a tumultuous applause.

I was too sleepy to recognize that my friends’ gazes were those of envy. I was so happy that I didn’t know what to do. My heart seemed to burst out. That day there was a big price distribution. And believe me, I never slept at the assembly again.