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Posted by on Sep 11, 2008 in This Happened To Me |

Trip to the Jungle

LeechOnce, I went to Chandigarh for my holidays. The resort had arranged a trip to the jungle for us.

When I was sitting under a tree in the jungle, something crawled up my leg under my pants. I felt something itchy, but ignored it. When we returned to the resort, I went to the bathroom. I saw a leaf stuck to my leg, near my knee, so I removed it.

The area there was covered with blood. I understood that it had not been a leaf, but a leech. I screamed out to my mother. She came to my rescue and called the resort doctor.

He gave me some medicines and the wound stopped bleeding. From that day, I’ve been afraid of leeches and always try to remain as cautious as I could even if I have to visit local parks.