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Posted by on Jul 24, 2008 in This Happened To Me |


TwinsI and my brother Ankush are identical twins and most people have a problem telling us apart.  One day Ankush developed a fever and mother took him to the doctor in the neighborhood.

The doctor gave him an injection and said he would come home and give him another injection in the evening.  Ankush is terrified of injections, so he ran off to the neighbor’s house after mother had brought him home.

Meanwhile, I returned from school.  I was so tired that I flopped down on Ankush’s bed and went to sleep. When the doctor came in the evening, he asked about Ankush. Mother pointed towards the room.  I woke with a start to find an injection being pocked into my arm! 

I screamed and shouted loudly. My mother came running and found it was me not my naughty brother she explained to the doctor about the mix-up.