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  • Rocky Mountain Region: Wyoming: USA: Interesting Places: Here is the essence of the Old West, where Indians, cowboys, trappers, miners, soldiers, and settlers all had their day--and are still remembered.
  • North to Jackson Hole: Wyoming: USA: Road Trips: Winding through canyon land and primeval forest, Route 89 traverses three states on a journey north to Jackson Hole -- a broad valley bordered by some of the craggiest peaks in the West.
  • Rocky Mountain Region: Idaho: USA: Interesting Places: The Gem State offers recollections of its vigorous past, a wondrous variety of places to visit, and a chance to dig for garnets and opals.
  • King Vikramaditya X: Solution from a Casket: The night sky was overcast with clouds. An eerie silence prevailed. Once in ...
  • King Vikramaditya IX: The Astrologer's Destiny: It was a dark, moonless night. Occasional flashes of lightning lit up ...

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Palm Sunday|March 29, 2015|Palm Sunday, or the "Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem," as it is often called in some Orthodox Churches, is one of the Twelve Great Feasts of the liturgical year. The day before Palm Sunday, is Lazarus Saturday, believers often prepare palm fronds by knotting them into crosses in preparation for the procession on Sunday. The hangings and vestments in the church are changed to a festive color - gold in the Greek tradition and green in the Slavic tradition. Programs of sacred music are performed in many towns and cities held in local churches but they may also be part of the musical community’s regular concert series.

  • A Big Wake-up Call for Me!: I picked up a gallon of apple juice at local grocery, and on side of the jug it said, Contains Conce...
  • Glass of Milk: When I was forcibly made to drink milk, always regretted viewing glass in my mom's hand. But I t...
  • Tooth Fairy: One of the Bizarre things that happened to me while I was teaching a Grade 1 class. My favorite stud...
  • How Gullible Are We: This incident happened to me once when i visited a Science Fair and was going to sign a petition to ...

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